Monday, October 03, 2011

You Will Need to Know This When You Grow Up

Remember when all the teachers told you that?  Let's see how I am using the information that they crammed into my poor brain all those years ago......

I am a history fanatic.  Was a college history major.  Still read history books, biographies and practically live on the history channel.......the only use I can see for all that information is Jeopardy :)  I am capable of coming up with the most obscure bits of history at the most wonderful times and awe my family at my brilliance (not really, they just roll their eyes!).

Algebra:  I am so thankful that I learned that so that I could help my son with his.  If they hadn't taught it to me, then WHO would help him?????  (Why are they teaching it again?????)

Geometry:  Even worse, because I still can't do it.  Beyond knowing shapes and using basic design for quilts I have no idea what all those theorums were or what they mean.  Next year will be torture for both me and my son.

Basic/Life Math:  Balancing a checkbook, figuring stitches per inch, yardage per size, miles per gallon......that is useful information.  To bad I learned it all in 6th grade :(

If you plant things in a sunny area and water them regularly they grow.  Basic health information is used regularly.  Please don't ask me latin names for anything, and I don't care to explain laws of gravity.  I think that they should have spent more time on growing things because I sometimes have a black thumb.  Herbal medicine would have been useful.  The science of cooking would have been practical. 

Foreign Languages
After 2 years of Spanish and a semester of French I still can't figure out what the Hispanic lady is screaming at her son on the soccer field.  I'm kinda glad I don't know what he is saying to my son.  I have a feeling it isn't appropriate for polite company.  If I would have paid attention to Mrs. Pickens then maybe I could evesdrop on the conversation of the Hispanic males at Walmart. 

All the proper English and good writing techniques I learned in 4 years of English class doesn't carry over well to texting and facebook.  I doubt that my blog readers care so much about subject/verb agreement or prepositional phrases.  And Abigail still isn't talking at all so English isn't helping her one little bit.

Driver's Ed
Everything I ever needed to know about driving I learned in a corn field.

Yes, we play dodgeball almost daily.  (No, not really. In case you haven't figured it out I'm being sarcastic.  LOL)  I wish that they would have paid more attention to soccer would help when I yell at the referres during the games if I actually knew the rules (I don't really yell, but maybe then I would understand all the penalty kicks).  And I wouldn't have to sit next to David Miller every home football game if someone would have explained all the rules about football.  But I like hanging out with David and Susan so that's ok.

Sex ed.  I think eventually I would have figured that out on my own....just saying.

As long as tomorrow isn't a horrible-no-good-day I am going to post a list of classes I really wish that they would have had at high know, the actually useful stuff.

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