Monday, March 26, 2007

Convention news

The Indianapolis homeschool convention was wonderful. I had such a great time. It took me all day yesterday to recuperate from being tired, but I am so thankful that I was able to go this year.
Some of the speakers I heard:
Kevin Swanson
David Quine
Ray and Charlene Notgrass (separetly)
Steve Demme (Math-U-See)

Steve Demme is an awesome speaker. I was so blessed by his workshop. I have to say that it was my favorite of the whole weekend.

Things I purchased while there:
Math-U-See (gamma and delta)
Latin books (prima latina and latin christiana I)
planners (one for each boy and 1 for mom)
Italic Handwriting books (c and f)
A Mom After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George - for me!

I was so blessed by the whole experience. I am grateful that God allowed me to go and that I wasn't horribly sick the whole time I was there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to Greg!!!!!

I want to take a second to wish Greg a very happy birthday! He turns 7 tomorrow (actually sometime around 7 p.m. tomorrow night - I don't remember exactly!). He has asked for a telescope and I am pretty sure that is what he is getting - shush - don't tell. Norman is in charge of picking up the gift tonight.......last minute I know. But things around here have been..........busy :)

Have a great day! If you see my baby boy make sure to wish him a happy birthday!

Baby this and Baby that.....

Ok. Who knew that having a baby would be so much fun??? Especially since I am ohhh.........about 6 weeks along. Have I mentioned that this might be a VERY long 9 months???

The boys have been working up names for the baby. My mother, ever helpful, suggested Dudley Doo Right (she has since PROMISED not to suggest any more goofy names - who knew they would take her seriously?). With DDR effectively cut from the list we moved on. At the top of Greg's list is Billy Bob. I will admit that we are rednecks.....but not that bad! He is absolutely convinced that Billy Bob is the perfect name. Also topping his list are Sponge Bob and Patrick. He might not get to vote when election time comes :)

Lee's suggestions are much more sensible. He writes down every. single. name. he sees. He already has 3 pages of names. I have known about this baby for almost a week.....they have known for maybe 5 days...............see what I mean???

The boys have taken to walking around talking to my stomach. Greg was playing peek-a-boo with the baby yesterday.

We are hoping for a girl. We will be ecstatic with whatever we get, but we are voting for a girl. We can't convince Greg to refer to the baby as a SHE. I am taking that as a very bad sign. Also, he keeps saying that the baby is going to come out with a "friend". Norman says "what do you mean with a friend???" and Greg says "you know dad, 2 babies". I thought Norman would just fall over.

Needless to say, life here at our house is silliness as usual. Hopefully baby will have a gigantic sense of humor and a courageous heart.....probably won't make it 3 days around here without it :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

This week

This week has been exciting and exhausting. It is exciting to find out that we will be recieving a miracle from God, a blessing in the form of a little baby! We are so thrilled!!!!! The boys are eager to see the new arrival :) Norman is also excited.....we all are actually.

This pregnancy is already exhausting for me. I am having trouble eating anything. The only thing so far that I have been able to consistently eat without problems is my Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal in the morning (and noon and night sometimes). I am continually thirsty. I feel like I am dehydrated, but that can't be possible with the amount of water that I am drinking. I have been trying to get up in the a.m. and accomplish a few things, and after lunch I have been taking a nap. Then I am trying to work a little in the early evening and then I am laying down early to rest. I feel like I am sleeping a lot! I guess that is what my body needs right now, but it isn't horribly conducive to getting anything done that I wanted to. I can already see that I probably won't get the new flower beds done this will take all my energy to upkeep the ones that I have.

I know that it will get better. I am NOT complaining. Every minute that I feel ill or that I can't eat something I thank God that I have this little person growing inside me. I know that this pregnancy is a privilege, not a right, and I am thankful for every minute of it.

If my posts seem sporadic they probably are. I don't have the extra energy to blog. I will definately try to post after doctor's appts. and such but I won't be doing much until I begin to feel better.

Thank you for your prayers!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Guess What!!!!

I am pregnant!!!!!

It truly is a miracle from God because the doctor said I didn't ovulate this past cycle. I must have ovulated on my own later. We are excited and thrilled. Norman is still out of town so we aren't telling the boys until he gets back.

I will post more later!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We are home alone!!!!

tlHa Ha!!!! Norman and Mr. G. left from Little Rock AR last night and will be there until Friday afternoon. The boys are I have some things planned......most of them revolving around eating at our favorite restaurants (we are pretty easy to please). I am going to try to get some cleaning done this week.
Today's list:
clean my bathroom
school (much to the boys' chagrin!)
Chad will be here in a little bit

I may even venture outside and try to soak up some sun. I am not an outside girl....for the most part I could live the better part of my life never spending much time outside. I do like flowers so I try to get some planted and we usually have a garden. I don't mind cookouts.......but I don't really just go outside to go outside. I am going to try to change that this year. I should be spending more time outside enjoying God's creation. I think that the sunlight would improve my disposition. And, lets face it, the amount of flowers I have on my list to plant this year, I will be out there 23 hours a day LOL

Enjoy the sunshine!!!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This week.....

Sunday night we had a testimony time at church and I was so blessed by everyone sharing. It is encouraging to see how God is working in the lives of others at the church. I also shared my testimony, for the first time, and was relieved to have so many other people say that they had suffered from many of the same things.....I know that I am not alone!

Yesterday was busy. I woke up late....7 a.m. and had quiet time then started baking cookies and preparing lunch. When the boys got up we started school while I finished prepping lunch. The cookies were chocolate chip and lunch was lasagna, cheesy broccoli and salad btw :) After lunch and clean-up the boys and I finished school and then I finished laundry and got it all folded and put away. Chad woke up from his nap, we had supper and were off to taekwondo for the evening. I was so busy I didn't know if I was coming or going!!!!!

Today has been much slower and calmer....I certainly prefer it this way!!!! I got up at 6 a.m. had quiet time and then managed to get my nose stuck in Dee Henderson's new book. I alternated reading with my shower, the boys school work and lunch prep (steak, mashed potatoes and green beans) and managed to finish it after lunch. I had started the book about a week ago but I got to a part where I just couldn't put it down!!!! I hate when that happens. After lunch we finished school and now I am keeping an eagle eye on Chad. He has a small rash on his arm that could be eczema or an allergic reaction. He is napping now with me periodically doing a full body check to make sure that it hasn't spread. I just can't image what he has eaten that would have caused a reaction because the boys and I are very careful about what he eats....I suppose that something could have gotten through though.....or it could be eczema.......

Tomorrow is breakfast with Uncle Larry and grocery shopping. Norman has a dr.'s appointment tomorrow afternoon and we will have taekwondo tomorrow evening............

I am going to try to post the results of my study of laziness....just some scripture that really spoke to me and my thoughts later today....maybe this evening. I have been working on a study of modesty and sometime in the near future I will be posting my thoughts on that as well.

Finally, I am gearing up for next years school year. This time, anticipating a possible pregnancy and birth next year, we will be starting next year's work as soon as we finish this year's. We will take time of during the summer but not the whole summer. I would prefer to have that time at a later date if I need it :)

My new cycle should be starting soon. I will definately let everyone know of my appointment date so that if you feel led to pray you can. I am praying that this is the cycle that everything works!!!!!!

I guess that is enough for now!!!! Have a good evening!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another interesting article

This one is on legalism within the church. I found that this article seemed to articulate the things that I was thinking but couldn't put into complete thoughts or words. I really appreciate that the author took the time to write it. You can read the article HERE.


Sorry that I haven't posted much this week. I have stayed busy with housework and Norman was off work for 3 days so we enjoyed our time together.

Today I just maintained the house. I didn't manage to accomplish any of the tasks on my list. I don't remember what we had for lunch :)

I can't think of any of my household tasks that I accomplished. We got school done and then went to town to run errands before taekwondo. I think that we had tuna helper and chips for lunch.

Finally, I got some work done. Norman and the boys were running around with Mr. G. so while Chad was napping I was able to get to my list.

Things I accomplished:
45 minutes of decluttering - mostly hotspots and my bedroom
laundry - mainly the boy's clothes

Today I visited my grandma and Aunt Marge. The boys stayed up late and slept late. I made spaghetti for lunch and after Norman went to work I was able to work as well.

Things I accomplished:
vacuum living room
sweep kitchen
load dishwasher and clean sink
finish laundry
wash sheets
bathe Sadie

I know that there are several things on my list that I didn't get done this week, but I am pleased with this weeks results. I will continue with the same list for next week and see what I am able to get done. I think that things in the house are coming along nicely!
Have a great weekend!