Saturday, March 02, 2013

Recent Reading

I've been reading more. 

I love to read.  Anything.  Newspaper, magazines, books, cereal boxes.  When I was a kid we rarely went to the library and the school library would only let me check out 2 books at a time, once a week.  I can easily read 200 + pages a day and I had an hour ride on the bus each way 5 days a week.  Those 2 books would be done quickly.  I would be so desperate for something to read that I would read my dad's hunting, motorcycle and stock car racing magazines, cover to cover.  If I ever got ahold of any money it was always spent on books or magazines.  I would read and reread the poor things till the covers fell off.  lol

Anyway, I digress.  We have a free library card now that we live in town and I make it a point to go up there at least once a week.  I would avoid the adult section because, honestly, I didn't have time to read and if I did, my kindle is full of books just waiting for me.  One day I was weak and made it home with 2 books.  I finished those and brought home another.  I can't help myself.  lol  I hope by only bring one home that I can read some of the stuff around here until the next trip (Tuesday, we go on Tuesdays). 

It took 3 weeks but I finished the 1st 2 books: (both fiction)
The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier  **  A great book set before the Civil War.  It revolves around the life of a Quaker woman after she comes to America from England. 

Weapon of Choice by Patricia Gussin ** This is one of those medical/biological terrorism books that I love so much.  It is actually 2 mysteries intertwined together.  Another excellent read.

So what did I bring home this week?  Well, it was very hard to choose.  I only look on the NEW shelf so that limits me a little, otherwise I would never get out of the library.  There were 2 mysteries that tempted me and a nonfiction book about 1775 but the one I left with is a dual biography about Louisa May Alcott and her mother Abigail :)  I can't wait to start it.  I have a book going upstairs right now but I'm going to try and finish it tonight or tomorrow and then this one is up next.  I'll be sure to share about it as soon as I get finished. 

Please, share what you've been reading!  I love to hear all about I'm off to write reviews on Amazon.  Have a great day!


Victoria said...

I've never been one to read much fiction, but good for you! its a great passtime to have!

Browningblog said...

I have two books over here that I am sure you would love, they are historical Christian Fiction by Rhonda Gibson. She went to school with Andrew, I have signed copies of A Marshall's Promise and Groom by Arrangement, they are quick reads and really good. Also, if you like murder mysteries, look for Lynette Eason's books on your kindle. She is really good and has a habit of having series that intertwine people's lives.