Sunday, August 17, 2014

Canning Goals/Reality

A friend asked/challenged her fellow home-canners to share what our canning goals are so here I am to share :)

I will admit up-front that my goals may not be spot on for us.  I haven't done much canning in the last 4-5 years so I'm not completely sure what we will use in a year.

The smaller # in a range is what I think we will need for 1 year, the large would be a guess at 2 years worth.  It pays to be prepared and you never know what will happen to a garden next year.

Sweet corn (freezer) GOAL: 52-104 3 cup bags
                                DONE: 101 3 cup bags

Green beans (canned) GOAL: 52 quart jars (that is a 2 year estimate for us as we don't eat beans every week)
                                  DONE: 57 quarts

Salsa (canned): GOAL: 12-24 pints
                        DONE: 30 pints

Spaghetti Sauce (canned): GOAL: 12-24 quarts
                                        DONE: 7 quarts but we had one for lunch today

Tomato Puree (canned - I use this like juice): GOAL: 12-24 quarts
                                                                    DONE: 2 quarts

Tomato Sauce (canned): GOAL: 12-24 pints
                                      DONE: 0

Diced Tomatoes (canned): GOAL: 12-24 pints
                                         DONE: 0

Pizza Sauce (canned): GOAL: 12-24 pints
                                  DONE: 0

Okra (frozen): GOAL: 2 gallons
                       DONE: 2 quarts

Jellies/Jams:  There is no goal.  I make as much of these as humanly possible both for our consumption and to give as gifts.  I have no idea how much I have made because I just store it and keep going.  lol

Shredded Zucchini (frozen): GOAL: 24 bags
                                          DONE: 64 bags (I just kept shredding as I can substitute it for hash browns

Pickles (canned): GOAL: 12-24 quarts
                           DONE: I have absolutely no idea.  I think that I have 60 quarts and 40 some pints.

Pickle relish (canned): GOAL: 6 half pints
                                  DONE: 0 but I still have some left from last year

Rotel (canned): GOAL: 6-12 half pints
                        DONE: 0

Apple pie filling (canned): GOAL: 12 quarts
                                       DONE: 0

Fruit: I would put up as much fruit as I can get my hands on but it is expensive and I don't have any growing here. I will do some apple butter, applesauce and pumpkin butter.  And can some pumpkin.  I am also going to dehydrate some watermelon and canteloup when it is ready.

We will have a calf in our freezer very soon and a pig or 2 in a few months.  We have 57 chickens now :)  Plus pheasants, guineas, a turkey and ducks.  And hopefully someone or another in this house will get a deer.  We are very blessed.  In a few weeks we will dig our potatoes, onions and sweet potatoes for storage :)  I've been picking mint.  Hopefully next year my herbs will do better.