Monday, June 13, 2011

Attitude Counts

You know how I like to keep it real here, don't ya? 

I've had a bad attitude all week.  Last week anyway.  If you follow along on my little blog or facebook, you know that the last 2 weeks have been miserable.  I always thought that after a while I would be immune to emotional attacks, but every one hurts just as much as the one before (and when they come in quick succession it is worse!). 

In retaliation, I've pulled away.  Away from my wonderful husband, away from my adorable children, my church family and friends and away from my sphere, my home.  I've been grouchy. (Why shouldn't I, everything is terrible!)  I've neglected the house. (Who cares, the kids make it messy and nobody wants to help me clean it up.  Nobody wants to buy it anyway!)  I've neglected my children.  (They don't care if they eat junk and watch TV all day, so why should I?)  And my darling husband. (Why isn't he doing something about this????)

See?  Nasty, terrible, horrible attitude.  As I'm sure you've read in previous posts, I do realize that I have much to be thankful for.  I try to see joy in all my trials.  Sometimes my attitude gets the better of me though.  I'm working on it....always working on it.

I sometimes think that Lorrie and God must talk about me.  It always seems that she has just the right words of encouragement just when I need it (and since I got this product several weeks ago, she must be able to see in the future too! - just joking :))
I've been listening to 2 mp3s lately;   12 Keys to a Queenly Castle and Attitude Adjustments.  Lorrie doesn't mince words.  She is adament (and she is correct!) that my attitude is MY choice.  I have learned over the last year that I can't control what other people do but I can control how I respond - I CAN control my attitude - about everything!  My circumstances don't control me.  Although I may not be able to actively change them at this time I CAN control my attitudes and actions regarding those circumstances.

In 12 Keys to a Queenly Castle Lorrie reminds me of my God-given role, my sphere of influence and the mandate that God has given me to raise, teach and train my children.  She begins by reminding me to treat my husband as a king deserves to be treated (whether I think he deserves it or not! - mine does :)).  Then she moves on to my home, my children and showing hospitality.

Attitude Adjustments uses the alphabet to give 26 "reminders" about how I have the ability to change my attitude, how God wants my attitude to be and the rewards of a joyful attitude (and obedience to God). 

These are great Mp3s!  They are available at Eternal Encouragement starting at $6.95 (and are available as a hard CD also). 

Even better, Lorrie has offered to bless a reader of a Gabby Moms blog with a FREE Mp3!

To enter:
1. Go to EE link to choose MP3 file they want to win
2. Go to The Gabby Moms blog where June's review links are posted and comment
a. which blog they read about the giveaway (Miss Carie at Living, Loving and Learning with the Lord!)
b. name of MP3 file they want if chosen as winner
c. email contact info
3. Winner will be chosen on Saturday, June 18th via
4. Winner will be notified by email to contact info left in comments
5. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to claim prize or an alternate winner will be chosen

You control your attitude, don't let your attitude control you, your family and your home!

***I received these items for an honest review from the Gabby Moms program.


Lori said...

I agree with what you are saying and I understand it too. I think as moms we always reach that point of not caring for a while. We are human and we need to just lean on the Lord and He will help us though. I am praying for all of you! :-)

Cindy said...

First one to post...good job :)

I hear ya with paragraph #2. I've said those same things MORE THAN ONCE! I, too, was reminded that I am the only one to control my attitude. Sadly, some days I don't really want to control it...just let it take over

Jenny said...

It's hard work to keep a good attitude sometimes, isn't it. I find it so, anyway. Stay on your wall, girl! You can do it with His help!

Jenny, a fellow Gabby Mom

Victoria said...

Good words, Carie. I have been concerned for you with all you have going on lately. Glad to see your outlook is improving. Good job on your review.

Kristenph said...

I feel the same way about these reviews. The timing has been providential. God has been using these products to speak directly to me.

Julieanne said...

I think your honesty speaks volumes to all of us. God bless you!

fellow Gabby Mom

mrspriceisright said...

Girl, thanks for keeping it real. It can be so easy to feel and act the way you have been. Thankfully, God loves us too much to leave us there. Didn't He give us Lorrie's MP3s at just the right time!

Betsy, a fellow GM