Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday, Monday

Good morning!

We've had no resolution to our ongoing struggles but I am choosing to embrace this Monday with joy, faith and hope. 

Our weekend was ok.  The guys took part in a fishing tournament on Saturday, catching a whopping 77 lbs. in fish between them.  That's a lot of fish!  The fishfry that night was nice and it was a blessing to visit with friends and neighbors.

Sunday was an emotional day for me.  I spent the morning crying out to God and searching His word for some hope and peace.  Psalm 27 was in my daily reading and I can't begin to express how much that passage spoke to me.  A friend from church stopped by after lunch for a wonderful visit and then our minister/counselor was here for supper.  It was nice being able to visit and share burdens with those that love us.  I don't understand why some people chose to treat us the way they do, but I can see those who have Christ in their heart.  Their expressions of love for us are truly uplifting during our times of trouble.

Our new-used washing machine made it about 2 weeks before it began leaking large quantities of water.  LOL  So it is back to the laundrymat I go today.  We aren't naked yet, but quickly heading in that direction.  I think Norman said he was just going to bite the bullet and buy a new one later this week.  With a family our size I was using $40 a week just to wash laundry at the laundrymat - I take it home to dry it.  It doesn't take long for that to add up.

I think I am starting a job this week.  A dear friend "sits" with an older woman during the week and was looking to share some hours :)  I had been looking for some part time hours and this will be a wonderful blessing as she and I can work out days that work best for both of us.  If  my day/s land when Norman is working I can take Abigail with me, leaving Bear with the older brothers.  It is an answer to prayer for sure!!!!!

It has been so hot, I've been neglecting my flower gardens.  I've got to get out there to them this week no matter the weather.  Maybe today.  It is best to just do it and not dwell on it all week. 

Well, I need to get to work.  I have an unpleasant phone call to make in a bit and then off to town I go.  Have a wonderful day friends!

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