Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm Back

I've got some blog post ideas floating around, but right now just want to take a minute and thank my mom for gifting me this computer.  It was a little buggy but seems to be working at least for now.  I can blog again!!!!  I hope to update regularly :)

What's new with us you ask?
1.  Abby turned 5.  My baby isn't a baby anymore.  That's very sad but I'm trying to be brave.

2. Greg tried out for and was accepted onto a club soccer team out of Charleston, IL.  The season is almost over but I think he has learned a lot.

3.  Lee graduated high school.  If I didn't feel old on Abby's birthday, this finished me off.  We are so very, very proud of him and look forward to what adventures he decides to pursue in the future.

4.  Lest I leave him out, Bear is...........Bear :)  He has learned to ride his bike without training wheels and has become a fairly proficient reader. 

I'll post again later, tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned :)