Monday, January 14, 2013

Reading for the week of Jan. 6th

Here is my list of things I read or finished reading last week: (This list is mainly for me, because I want to know how much I read and what I read over time, feel free to ignore.)

TEACH Magazine Fall 2002  This issue was on procrastination.  Some of my other reading touched on that as well.  I find it interesting how God works that all out.  I definately needed to read it.  It's a work in progress, I don't claim to have to worked out.  God is always working in me.

Large Family Logistics Chapter 1 This was a thorough going through of the Excellent Wife of Proverbs 31.  The main thing that I learned from this chapter is that God wants me to be seeking wisdom.  Wisdom in how I handle my home duties, my business dealings, my time, my family and life in general.  The way to get wisdom?  Deep and continual study in the Word of God. 

Etsy Success Stories by Vivian Ajetunmobi -   I used Etsy for a while, didn't have an success, but because of reading this I am willing to try again.

Healthy Make Ahead and Freeze Muffins by Mara Michaels and Carolyn Stone - Tips, tricks and interesting recipes if you want to freeze muffins.  They never last that long around here but it is good in theory.

How to Save Money on Groceries, Back to Basics: Recipes for the Savy Shopper by Liz MacGregor - Honestly, I didn't take away a lot of info that I didn't already know from this book but if you are new to really working a grocery budget then this would be very helpful for you.

Helping Hands at Home by Lorrie Flem - Review will be following in the next few days.


Cindy said...

I haven't taken the time to read for pleasure in a while. My reading of late consists of my daily chronological reading through the Bible. I'm currently guessed it....Genesis :)

Elyse Rinehart said...

I am hopping over from Mosaic Reviews to say hi and to follow your blog. I look forward to becoming a new reader of yours. See you around! ~Elyse/Oiralinde

benbidder said...

Saying hey! Making the rounds from MR! :) Have a great weekend! :) I love to read too! I signed up for and am loving being able to keep track of what I read in a year. Plus, I love the suggestions it gives me on new books. I am addicted, lol.