Monday, January 25, 2010

Our News.....

There really isn't any news, but I didn't have a better title so, there ya go!

It is snowing. At least it isn't raining, but I suppose in the end it won't make any difference....snow and rain make mud just the same and we already have gobs of that around. Yuck. We desperately need gravel on this driveway. Someone remind me of that when it is nice and dry. LOL

We had the stomach flu......again. I don't think that anyone should be cursed with it more than once a year.....poor Lee has had it 4 times, Greg 3 times and the rest of us about 6 weeks. Fantastic, huh. Now we all have nasty colds. That is only marginally better. For the most part I am still functional so that is something anyway. LOL

On the sewing front:
I made a nightgown for myself from an old sheet that didn't fit out new bed. It turned out well. I hate working with ribbing though so I don't think I will use that pattern again. Norman and I bought some pink flannel and seersucker while in Terre Haute for our anniversary and I made up 2 blankets for baby. Very cute. I have some flannel and chennile for more blankets but I am going to try to wait to feel better before dealing with them. I really have to have 100% brain power to sew.

On the knitting front:
I am about 3 inches from being done with one sock. I still have it's mate to do.....Course I have found several little sock patterns, bonnet patterns and dress patterns that I want to make up for the baby. So, I really need to be knitting.

On the reading front:
I am almost done with How to Study the Bible for Yourself by Tim LaHaye. Good book with lots of great helps. I am reading I John in the Bible currently, just having made it through Philemon. I have a home decorating book and several knitting books sitting here also. And the library called a few minutes ago and said I had more books in. WooHoo!

I think that is all the is new with us. I love to hear what everyone else is doing so I am going to try to keep up with these posts and book lists.....keeps the ideas flowing. Although I hate to upload pictures to this blog, I will try to get some pictures of projects and get them uploaded at some point in time. I promise :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Molly's Money Saving Digest - February 2010

Molly Green does it again!

If you've never read one of Molly's digests, then you are in for a treat this month. Molly begins by explaining the nutritional content of the potato and several wonderful sounding recipes for their use. I can't wait to try them. Several of them were recipes that can be frozen ahead and reheated later. With the new baby coming, I was especially thrilled with those. If you are looking for more yummy recipes, Molly gives a week's worth of dinner recipes and 2 desserts for the week leading up to Valentine's Day. I am hoping to try all of them! As always, Molly's menus and recipes use things that most pantries have readily available and are quick to fix. No searching grocery stores for weird ingredients!

Last month Molly explained the home management binder system. This month she includes more forms for your use.

Cabin fever sets in during the long winter months, but Molly helps us out with activites for the whole family and thrifty ways to show our love this month. She also has gift-closet ideas so that we are always ready, no matter what occasion sneaks up on us.

Molly's Money Saving digest is available from the Old Schoolhouse for $4.95

Friday, January 08, 2010

Back to School

Lee was back to school this week so that means we went back to the books here at home too. I thought that I would give a run down of what was accomplished this week. Keep in mind that our little snowstorm canceled school on Thursday and Friday so we had a short week :)

Greg - 4th Grade
We are one chapter from being finished with Caddie Woodlawn. I guess we will finish it up next week :) Amazingly he has been able to see several birds and gotten good use out of the bird field guide that he got for Christmas. In history we are studying 1865-1890's - and all the exciting things that changed our world during that time. In science we are studying feathers.

Bear - 2 years old
This would be tot school. This week Bear has spent quite a bit of time working his Melissa and Doug puzzles, play doh and pegs. We used the pegs to sort colors. He also loves to build towers with blocks and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Very cute.

We have been very blessed today to find out that the baby is a GIRL :) According to the ultrasound she is about 13 ozs. We are eagerly anticipating her arrival in a few more months.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

After a couple months of not writing I suddenly feel a desire to write all the time! LOL I figure facebook friends are deciding that all I do is update facebook so I am hoping a daily journaling here will slow me down some. Maybe, right?

Bear is watching PBS - Bob the Builder. Glad my aunt told us Bob is still on PBS. Makes his day a little interesting for a while......we have DVDs but he has to get someone to put them in and change them so this is a little easier. He and I played blocks for a while but I get tired of him destroying my creations and give up earlier than he would like. LOL This pregnant momma is having trouble keeping up with the energy of a 2 year old. I don't remember it being this hard when I was pregnant with Greg.

We had a wonderful time with friends last night celebrating the ending of one year and the beginning of another. I stayed up way past my bedtime but Bear let me sleep late. Lee is still in bed. LOL I forgot how much teenagers liked to stay up late and get up late........course my parents didn't allow too much of that......If you stayed up late you still got up early, so I don't have a lot of sympathy for him. He is grouchy when disturbed though! Having supper with another set of friends tonight.....the desserts I am taking are almost done. For some reason I am not craving chocolate at the moment, just strawberries. I love strawberries! I can't wait to get ahold of some fresh ones in June.

I quit doing New Year's resolutions a couple of years ago. I just try to live each day the best I can and do what God wants me to be doing.....every day! That's hard enough :) I do, however, usually set some goals throughout the year. Here are the goals I am working on now:
---reading through the Bible. I have been working on this since mid-year 2009. Not reading straight through, just picking books and reading them through. I have learned so much and hope to complete the project before the baby comes in May.
---exercise. I was up to 3-5 miles 5 days a week in October when I quit walking. Morning sickness was just too much for me. I started walking again this week and was aghast to find out that I could barely huff my way through 1/2 a mile. So I need to get to work on that.

Right now, that is about it. I will update again if I come up with more but for me, simplicity is bliss.

I have a knitting project on needles (socks), a quilting project in the works (tote bag) and a sewing project on the drawing board (nightgown for me). I hope to have pictures of completed projects soon!

Guess that is enough for now. Hope that all of you have a wonderful beginning to 2009!