Monday, January 25, 2010

Our News.....

There really isn't any news, but I didn't have a better title so, there ya go!

It is snowing. At least it isn't raining, but I suppose in the end it won't make any difference....snow and rain make mud just the same and we already have gobs of that around. Yuck. We desperately need gravel on this driveway. Someone remind me of that when it is nice and dry. LOL

We had the stomach flu......again. I don't think that anyone should be cursed with it more than once a year.....poor Lee has had it 4 times, Greg 3 times and the rest of us about 6 weeks. Fantastic, huh. Now we all have nasty colds. That is only marginally better. For the most part I am still functional so that is something anyway. LOL

On the sewing front:
I made a nightgown for myself from an old sheet that didn't fit out new bed. It turned out well. I hate working with ribbing though so I don't think I will use that pattern again. Norman and I bought some pink flannel and seersucker while in Terre Haute for our anniversary and I made up 2 blankets for baby. Very cute. I have some flannel and chennile for more blankets but I am going to try to wait to feel better before dealing with them. I really have to have 100% brain power to sew.

On the knitting front:
I am about 3 inches from being done with one sock. I still have it's mate to do.....Course I have found several little sock patterns, bonnet patterns and dress patterns that I want to make up for the baby. So, I really need to be knitting.

On the reading front:
I am almost done with How to Study the Bible for Yourself by Tim LaHaye. Good book with lots of great helps. I am reading I John in the Bible currently, just having made it through Philemon. I have a home decorating book and several knitting books sitting here also. And the library called a few minutes ago and said I had more books in. WooHoo!

I think that is all the is new with us. I love to hear what everyone else is doing so I am going to try to keep up with these posts and book lists.....keeps the ideas flowing. Although I hate to upload pictures to this blog, I will try to get some pictures of projects and get them uploaded at some point in time. I promise :)

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