Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Little Bit of Sunshine on a Busy Day

Hi guys! (or girls....probably girls lol)  I could apologize, again, for the length of time between blog posts, but's the deal......I'm a wife and mommy first.  I stay pretty busy (gasp!  but you are a stay-at-home-mom, we all know they don't do much!) homeschooling Greg and occassionally Bear, trying to maintain order in a house full of children, love and read to Abby......I have meals to prepare and laundry to wash and homework to grade or help with.  All the normal wife and mother stuff.  I also work outside of our home 2 days a week.  If I have any free time I love to knit, sew, read and write.  Honestly though, the writing tends to be at the bottom of the list.  I LOVE to write, but for me writing requires quiet.....and that just doesn't happen here. Today happens to be a semi-quiet day :)

I read all the time.  For me reading doesn't require quiet.  I have the ability to tune the kids out sometimes :)  I love little encouraging articles that I can read in a minute or 5 and take something from to apply to my current situation.  You may wonder what magazine I isn't a magazine (well, I do love the magazine, but this is quicker) is the Eternal Encouragment e-newsletter written and produced by Lorrie Flem. 

I jotted down some of January's topics (the newsletter comes to your email box every Thursday):
**I can do all things.......let God do what I can't (I needed this, I tend to think that I can do EVERYTHING - but that's probably another blog post)
**Stick-to-it-Ness.....interruptions happen, how to embrace them and keep things moving in your life
**Are you missing God's encouragement to read and study the Old Testament stories and characters
**Happiness......happiness is a journey not a destination
**recipes....hamburger bun pizza, chicken divan
**coupons for Lorrie's don't want to miss the great stuff Lorrie has in her shop.  Take a gander around here for a while for more reviews of Lorrie's stuff.  I LOVE Lorrie's stuff :)

I know you are waiting for the most important part........its FREE!  Yes, free.  Not a free trial.  Not a free 6 month subscription.  FREE.  As in, get your fingers clicking, what are you waiting for, FREE.  Got it?  So what are you waiting for?  When you subscribe you will get a free ebook Organizing Happiness and on Thursday you will get a newsletter directly to your email box.  Go HERE and scroll about halfway down the page to sign up. 

Love ya all and hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

******I received this newsletter for free and you can too :)  This review is an honest opinion of my thoughts as part of the Gabby Moms review program.


momto8 said...

I can pretty much do anything anymore with noise!!
reading included.
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Cindy said...

I so understand the busyness of home life. I applaud you that you make this a will NEVER regret it. I promise!
I agree that the newsletter is an enjoyable, easy read!

Victoria said...

Loved this review. You drew me in from the start and made it personal. Thanks for taking some time out of your busy day to share it with us. :-)

Jenifer said...

I too can tune out my kids when I am reading. Have to be careful about it. Lol. Great review.

Mary@The Encouraging Home said...

Life is so busy and it is hard to get things done. Lorrie knows how to write a newsletter for the busy moms!