Monday, February 21, 2011

St. Louis City Museum

"Bizarre......this is really bizarre."

Those are the words I heard spoken by a young college age fellow I happened to be walking past shortly after we entered the museum.  I think that bizarre is the most fitting description for that place.  You honestly have to see it, to believe it. 

On the drive home, while reviewing the day with my husband, we discussed how City Musuem was the best place for an imagination to grow.  Living in the boonies, there isn't anything like it here.  If we lived closer, I would buy a family pass and I don't say that about many places.

Upon entering the first level, there are the caves.  Filled with "rabbit holes" as my husband called them, they would disappear in one spot and reappear in another.  Abby (in her stroller) and I were even able to walk through several paths and ended up on the M level.  There was a restaurant :)  We took the elevator to the 2nd floor.  I don't remember what was on the 2nd level.....must not have been baby oriented.  LOL  I think that is where the hampster wheel was, and the hallway of mirrors.  The 3rd floor was where it was though :)  Several rooms were filled with architectural relics, bug collections and small critter models.  Then we found the train (for little kids only), an arcade room, snack bar, "sponge" room (lots of big sponges that you could build with), block area (Abby really liked that), a toddler room with toddler sized slides, ball pit and climbing things, circus (Abby and Bear LOVED the show), "creation area" (face painting, painting, etc), a room with Japanese paper cutting and rag doll making, sock skating, trampoline jumping..........It goes on and on.  The 4th floor and roof terrace were closed when we were there.  THEN outside, there were catwalks, a larger ball pit, slides, ropes.  Plenty of places to grab a snack or drink and rest. 

The older boys just wore themselves out.  Norman followed Bear everwhere he wanted to go, even when it was questionable that he would fit.  Poor guy ended up with fluid on his knee and "road rash" on his elbows.  He is still barely moving.  I rode an elevator and pushed a stroller for most of the day so I don't feel too bad.

This was the BEST place ever.  I would totally buy a family pass if we lived closer.  They were super busy but the nice employee I rode the elevator with one trip said that they are mainly dead from Sept - Feb.  I don't know why, I would absolutely go there in the winter.....tons to do inside for kids that can't go out and play.  All ages can find something to do....even Abby played with blocks.  HERE is their website if you want to check it out.


christina said...

Oren and Elise LOVED it when we went a few months ago. I could go every weekend if I could afford it!

It's great for EVERYONE in the family.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Susan said...

We visited the City Museum a couple of years ago while visiting friends. Definitely a memorable experience and the kiddos still talk about it.

Why are they dead from Sept to Feb?--- school, I guess:-) Not exactly an affordable school trip and families are so busy on weekends during the school year---they should offer special rates to homeschoolers;0)

Susan (another Gabby Mom)