Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tearing Paper

This morning I was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of herbal tea and facebook......pretending really hard that I couldn't hear Abby in the living room shredding paper.....what kind of mother does that?  The didn't-get-much-sleep-do-we-have-to-get-up-at-6 a.m. mommy, that's who!  LOL

See, I finally did get up and take pictures :)  That counts for something, right?  LOL  In my defense, I had already put up the non-board books....I inadvertantly left out a word search book.....

Hiding the evidence :)  She thinks that she is being sneaky......yeah, not really.  LOL
And if we do the cute baby routine for momma she won't care that I just made a huge mess in the living room.

It really isn't my fault.  We have a queen sized bed.  Norman sleeps on half - alone.  Last night, I slept on the other half, along with Abby, Sadie and Bear.  I was squished, cramped, cold and awake. 

Last night Abby shredded a paper towel that Bear left in the living room.  Why does she like to shred things?  I could hire her out to businesses......make some side money somehow maybe. 

When not sleep deprived, I am learning to knit lace. 

When not sleep deprived, I can write blog posts that are interesting and make sense.  Oh well!  Maybe next time!  Talk later :)


Tat2dGoddess said...

Kaylee loved to shred paper. I would give her a magazine and she would sit there and tear it piece by piece for hours!! Maybe it's a girl thing...

Victoria said...

LOL! Cute post. All mommas go through this phase. Don't worry, it won't last. It'll just be replaced with something else that keeps you on your toes. LOL.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

You have been awarded The Stylish Blogger Award :)