Saturday, February 05, 2011

A Review: The Miracle Of Mercy Land by River Jordan

Power outages are wonderful things when you have a book waiting to be read :)

The Miracle of Mercy Land is an intriguing book set in the south during the 1930's.  The story revolves around a mysterious book that arrives at the newspaper office.  The book shows the lives of those in Bay City, life choices made and those roads not traveled.  Everyone that "reads" the book says that the lives are felt rather than read about. 

Doc, the newspaper man and Mercy, his right-hand girl struggle to decide what to do with the book.  They don't understand why they have been entrusted with it or what they are to do with it.  As the story unfolds Doc brings a stranger into the mix, someone from his past and Mercy's past as well.  His being there muddies the waters and brings personal conflict for Mercy. 

While I will admit that this story is "out there", it is riveting.  It really makes you wonder about the intertwining lives of those in small towns.  Can one person's choice change the face of a town for 20 years?  That is the question that the book asks and Mercy is really the only one that can answer it.

If this book is any indication of future stories, I look forward to reading more by River Jordan. 

The Miracle of Mercy Land is available from Amazon for $11.89 or Books-A-Million for $9.64 (Club Members).  HERE you can read the first chapter for free :)

"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review"

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River Jordan said...

Thank you for reading and reviewing The Miracle of Mercy Land. And for loving the language and the characters.


River Jordan