Monday, February 14, 2011

I Smell Spring

I think it might be coming.  It can't get here quick enough for me!  It's been a long, hard winter, physically and emotionally for me and I am ready for spring and the promise of a new start. 

Because I don't really have anything else useful to say and because I have pictures that are dying to be shared, here ya go:
Bear has it made.  He leads a charmed life.  It doesn't get any better than making your 9 month old sister push you around in your dump truck.

Abby says she can do it....she's a big girl!

Yes, she did move him, but just a little.  It was actually in her best interest for him to be in the truck when she pulled up to it, otherwise it would have slipped out from under her.  She's not walking....quite....but she pulls up to everything and cruises around.  She didn't win the prize for earliest walker.....Bear walked at 8 months, Greg at 9 months and Lee at 10 months......She is just a hair over 9 months :)

That is my super informative post for the day.  Stay tuned for more interesting updates at a later time!  LOL

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