Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Encouraging Moments Newsletter

During the wiping, washing, sweeping, cleaning, folding, diapering, reading, loving and living sometimes I just need a break.  If it is Thursday, I look for Encouraging Moments Newsletter

You have heard me rant on and on over the years about TEACH magazine, right?  And you read the post about the new name, Eternal Encouragement?  Well, Lorrie has more for you!  Each Thursday Lorrie will send Encouraging Moments Newsletter to your email box FREE.  Yes, I said FREE.

Encouraging Moments is short but packed FULL of all kinds of goodies to encourage a mother's heart.  The issue I just finished reading discussed spiritual strongholds.  As always, Lorrie turns to God's Word to guide, direct and encourage.  

Also, Lorrie is on Facebook (who isn't????).  Tidbits from the weeks facebook discussion are available, as well as a link to Lorrie's facebook page. 

Upcoming dates to me Lorrie LIVE are listed as well.  Be sure to check and see if she is in your area - you don't want to miss it!  That is my dream!!!!!!!

Possibly the coolest thing in the newsletter is Chick Flicks for Mom.

During a quiet moment in your day, you can sit down and listen to Lorrie talk from her heart.  Honestly, these "flicks" are just like sitting at the kitchen table with Lorrie.  You can even submit questions or topics that you would like Lorrie to discuss and she will try to cover them in the future.  I think this is the best use of YouTube so far!  Lorrie covers all the bases with topics including homemaking, mommy-hood and marriage.

In case all the above isn't enough, a Timely Tip article from another reader is included.  I was encouraged this week by the testimonal about getting out of debt from Annie Herrick.  And finally, there is a link to subscribe to Eternal Encouragment Magazine (in case you haven't done so already - what are you waiting for???)

Subscribing to this FREE resource is soooo easy.....just go to http://www.homemakingwithteach.com/ and look for the box in the right hand corner.  It just takes seconds and the benefits are very worth it.

Also, head on over to http://www.thegabbymoms.com/ to see what others are saying about this wonderful resource.

****“I am reviewing Encouraging Moments as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program for Eternal Encouragement magazine.  I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.


Victoria said...

Nice review, Carie. You did a good job of covering all the things the newsletter includes - and making sure everyone knows its FREE!

foodfunfamily said...

I liked the testimony about getting out of debt, too! THanks for your review,
Jada another Gabby Mom

Beth said...

This is a great review :0) Im now following you! (Also love your swiffer idea in another post!)

Cindy said...

very nice review! Thanks

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I enjoyed the thoroughness of your review. :) FREE is always good. **grin**

Tina said...

I love reviewing free items! Great review!

Julieanne said...

I love the quotes that Lorrie leaves on her Wall on Facebook. They're so encouraging or thought-provoking, in a good way!

Julieanne (fellow Gabby Mom)

Mary Joy said...

Excellent review!!! Wow! You really did a great job!

I love your blog! I look forward to getting to know you through this Gabby Mom program. I too love listening to Lorrie in the Chick Flicks and her words always speak to my heart. It would be a very special thing to meet her someday wouldn't it? :D

Building Home with Him,

Mary Joy

Katie Barrett said...

Great review.. following you back from Misadventures Of A Family of 8..www.themisadventuresofafamilyof8.blogspot.com :O)

Aaron and Amber said...

Nice review! Your children are adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Mrs. Q said...

I like the Chick Flicks too :)

~Mrs. Q (fellow Gabby Mom)

Chic Mama said...

I love being able to count on that Thursday dose of encouragement too! Good job on your review!

Head Mama