Friday, February 11, 2011

Questions - Answered

Victoria, if the wet jet takes the "throw away" swiffer cloths (and I think it does) then this will work on it.

Briana, it does stretch a lot.  I think that even if it shrinks a little, like the dishcloths always do, that it will still fit as knitted.  The stitching allows for a lot of stretch too.

Julie, this is the 1st thing I've made from this book.  The patterns are very well written and easy to understand.  I am just dying to make the little Edwardian dress and jacket for Miss Abby :)


Victoria said...

Yes, the Wet Jet does use the throw-away pads. They are attached on the bottom with a velcro type material. Thanks for the info.

Innisfree in Alaska said...

thanks for the reply. I wondered about that. :)_