Saturday, November 07, 2009


I do apologize about the lateness of my posting lately. I wish that I could say that I have been terribly busy, but really it is just the normal stuff around here. LOL Honestly, I just find facebook a lot easier to use and spend my writing time over there.

We had a birthday last week! Norman Matthew (aka, Bear) turned 2. He loved his birthday. I think that his favorite part was when the waitresses at Ryans sang the birthday song to him. We had a small party with friends and family and then went trick or treating. Bear got tractors and horses and seemed very pleased with all the attention. For Halloween Greg was Akmed the Dead Terrorist (from Jeff Dunham comedy) and Bear was a dinosaur. Lee put a mask on and carried Bear around for us.

I have been feeling well. Poor Norman has had some medical issues (severally abscessed tooth-infection spread all the way up his jaw!) but seems to be back to normal now. It was a very long couple of weeks for him though.

My pregnancy is progressing normally. I always hate this part when I start to feel better but can't feel the baby move yet. It is almost like it isn't real. LOL At the 12 week doctor's appt. yesterday though, my doctor said that everything is progressing normally and honestly, this isn't my first rodeo :) I am looking forward to feeling the baby move soon though. Norman bought a cute little pink Minnie Mouse onsie and hung it up in the living room....hopefully for good baby girl vibes :) LOL He is so funny but it sure would be a blessing to have a girl this time. I need someone to hang out with while all the testosterone people go do hunting/fishing/playing stuff. LOL Course, I will get the girl that wants to do all those things. Oh well....we will love whatever we get. God has truly blessed our family.