Saturday, March 26, 2011

Carie Creates

I just added some real cute burp cloths to my etsy shop can check them and some very handy dishcloths out at Carie Creates

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Most Recent Projects and A New Bear

First off......a New Bear:
He got his hair cut this week.  Really cut (obviously)....not just a trim.  He is thrilled.  I cried.  Such is the life of a momma with growing boys.  Now, onto my most recently completed projects:

These 1st 2 are "baby" blankets.  The wildlife one is for he "big" brother and the colorful farm patcwork is for the new baby :)  They turned out super cute.

These next 2 are the lace project I've been working on.  My FIRST lace project.  I am very pleased with how well it turned out.  The butter yellow color looks great in my living room.

And a pink apron sewn for a customer.  The little lady wanted it in pink plaid snuggle flannel so that is what she got :)

It is snowing here.  I can't hardly believe it.  Very depressing.  Especially since the temps were in the 70's early this week.  Bleh.

The appraiser is coming to look at our house on Wednesday next week.  Greg and I are packin more "non-essential" stuff.  Of course, I believe that most of my stuff is essential so it is very difficult.  LOL

I'm leaving you with a couple of pictures I ran across on the net the other day.  I love them :)  I wish I could look so beautiful while knitting.....

Need a Shot?

What do you think of when you hear the word shot?

A painful shot in the arm or elsewhere???  Keep in mind that this shot is full of healing medicine......

Or how about this -

What about a shot of coffee early in the morning?  Does that give you just the boost of energy you need to get going for the day?

How about a shot of help, encouragement or experience?  I want that!

Today, I want to introduce you to the Encouragement Membership Program.  Doesn't that sound helpful?  Developed by Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragment Magazine, this program was created to help you!  Each month, a subscriber to this program will receive a "Super Shot"; 4 products (audio, video or textual) that Lorrie has created to help you dig deeply into a problem or concern that you might be having.  By focusing on that one area for a short period of time, you can learn what God's will is for you in that area and learn from His leading and direction.....Lorrie just guides the way!

I had the wonderful opportunity to check out A Super Shot of Preventing Parenting Pits.  Let's just say, Oh My!  I was momentarily overwhelmed by all the great information this bundle contained.  I plugged along though and was so surprised to be learning so much; and my children were too!  Just wait till you hear the CRIJ rhyme for kids :) 

Each Super Shot contains 4 products that are exclusive to THIS program.  Nothing that you have seen before from Lorrie!  The videos are similar to the Chick Flicks for Moms but longer, more like a mini workshop.  The Super Shot I reviewed also contains a new book by Lorrie, Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.  Now remember, each month you get a different Super Shot, with 4 products each and the cost is only $7.97 a month!  Can you believe it?  I couldn't, but it is true :) AND if you subscribe to the Encouragement Membership Program before April 1, 2011 (when the site goes live) your price will only be $6.97 a month for the lifetime of you membership (NO FOOLING!). 

As I said, the site doesn't go live until April 1st so make sure to keep checking back at and HERE for all the latest news and information.  This will be both healthy and energizing for you :)

***I received this product free as part of The Gabby Moms review program :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reflections: Power of a Praying Wife Day 7

His Mind

A successful person is almost always successful in his mind before it plays out in his life.......someone who frequently fails has probably already decided that was going to happen before the project ever started.....and after a while, they quit trying.

Confidence.  I can usually tell who the confident people are.  In a room full of people, they are at ease with the conversation, their surroundings and who they are.  The rest of us (me) are usually praying we find someone we know, can go home early or can hide in a corner.  But we've been over my dreadful social skills, so I will spare you that.  My wonderful husband is a confident person.  I think that attracted me to him.  Not afraid of anything, willing to just jump in and give something a go......even when it didn't work out, he very rarely took it personally.  Sometimes I would get tired just listening to him plan or watching him do, do, do.

That confidence has been shaken.  I really didn't think that was possible, but it is and I (as his biggest supporter and helper) should have seen it coming.  Now I am praying that God give that back to him that he isn't a failure, that sometimes things just aren't in our control.  I'm asking God to give him back his spark and take away his fear (which is the topic for tomorrow). 

I'm also asking God to give me a little confidence.  I am not a doormat to be pushed around.  My thoughts, plans and feelings count.  I am worth respect.  I deserve to be treated as they want to be treated.  And I always have, I just didn't know it :) 

Whether your husband is a confident man or not, pray for his mind.  Dreams die in the mind of a man before they even get to the planning stages.  Ask God to give your husband wisdom and discernment and the ability to act on his ideas (if they are also God's).  If your husband is confident, be on guard and pray about things that might attack him.....they are many.  Most of all, keep praying!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Reflections: The Power of a Praying Wife Day 6


I know that my husband is frequently tempted by the world around him and I pray for him to be able to resist, that God would open a window for him to jump out of, every day.  But for the sake of this conversation, lets talk about the temptations that I face. :) Remember, I can only change me.  The rest is up to God.

I suppose that I am not tempted by the usual stuff......alcohol doesn't call my name (although I don't mind a good drink occassionally), never wanted to do drugs, not into porn........I suppose that my temptations are more mundane....the bowl of ice cream after dinner (when I know I had to many snacks throughout the day), facebook when I should be cleaning something, a quick internet purchase that nobody has to know about (remember to pray for financial control!).  I find my temptations to be more habit than anything.  I do things sometimes without even thinking about it.  So I pray, today, for my husband and also that I will resist the temptation of worldly things and keep my eyes on my priorities: God, husband, kids, church......everything else will fall into place :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I used to be a news junkie.....before 9/11 it was bad, but for several years after I woud have Fox News on in the living room almost around the clock.  I just needed to know that everything was ok  in the world I my definition of ok anyway.  Sometime in the last year, I quit watching the news all the time.  I was spending my early morning ours in prayer, bible study and facebook (If there was time).  Occassionally, I would check the local news or catch a radio broadcast.  After Sept., when things got so bad here, I just needed to focus on our problems and not worry about anything else.  Facebook became my major source of news then, as I could get feeds from Fox News and friends were always commenting about local stuff. 

The stuff happening in Japan right now is unimaginable.  I just went and looked it up; Japan is smaller than California or Montana and just larger than New Mexico.  Earthquake, tsunami and possible nuclear meltdown (at 6 facilities!)......I just can't fathom the devastation, desperation of those people.  I keep praying for them, but I don't know what to pray for.......stabilize the power plants - but they don't have food or water......send them food and water - but they face radiation poisoning......What about housing, medical needs, transportation???? 

I asked at church this morning what a safe distance was from a nuclear facility facing meltdown and we all agreed that whatever it was we would go twice that far away.......but if there was a nuclear problem in California, would I consider going anywhere near the state at all?  If something like that happened in IL, do you think I'm hanging around if there are any other options?  Even if it was as far away from me as possible?  But with limited supplies, no roads, even if these people wanted to leave, could they?  (And I fully intend to find out where the nearest nuclear power station is to me)

I just keep praying, even though I can't see the answers.  I know God is over there in Japan and that they are strong resourceful people.  I am thankful that those here in the states that were affected by the tsunami are ok, and pray for the families that lost loved ones.  I just don't know what else to do.

Enough rambling.  Praying with me for those poor people, Christians or non......hug your kids and count your blessings today, as there are few with problems as great as those faced by the Japanese right now.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reflections: Power of a Praying Wife Day 5

My parents never were overly affectionate with each other.  No lovey-dovey stuff there.  So I started married life ignoring affection all together.  It wasn't that I didn't like a quick hug or kiss, but I didn't make it a priority.  My wonderful husband comes from a very affectionate family.  He often walks on the very thin line between decent and inappropriate.  LOL  I am learning and he has backed off a little bit......and the kids frequently roll their eyes and tell us to "get a room" I suppose we are doing ok, now.

There were many years in there though that my poor husband felt like I was shunning him when I dodged his embrace or walked away from a kiss.  I wasn't necessarily doing it to hurt him, but couldn't he see I was busy?  I had things to do!  I have since learned that a 5 minute hug isn't going to make or break my day.  Snuggle on the couch while watching TV (difficult sometimes with 2 little ones crawling on us as well)....hold hands in the car......I try to find ways every day to show Norman that I love him a lot. 

In this department it is the little things that make the big difference :) Pray about your attitude toward affection.  Show some, even if your husband doesn't.  Our actions speak much louder than our words :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Reflections: The Power of a Praying Wife Day 4



Well, lets just say that if you are married, you should be doing it and you should probably be doing it more often than you are.  Also, attitude is important.

Prayer changes everything :) 

That's all I'm going to say about that!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reflections: The Power of a Praying Wife Day 3



I like money (who doesn't)....I like having it, I like spending it, if there is enough I don't even mind sharing or saving it.....but I hate handling it.  Dealing with it.  Worrying about it. 

In our marriage, Norman makes the money and I deal with it.  I don't like it, but it is what it is.  So yesterday, I prayed for a better attitude about dealing with it.  I am praying that I become a better money manager.  I pray that God will give ME and my husband discernment in our spending habits. 

Starting today, I will be praying before making any extra purchase, even if I consider it a need.  Stick strictly to the budget in all areas barring an emergency.  I am also praying that God will bless my efforts to supplement my husband's income. 

Keep praying!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Reflections on Day 2: The Power of a Praying Wife

I feel my husband is blessed because he has a job that he enjoys and that pays enough for us to feel financial secure.  However, my husband is a correctional officer, and that position doesn't come without danger.  I frequently find myself praying, "Lord, please keep him safe today." 

I learned early on in his career that if I felt the Lord prompting me to pray, I prayed!  Frequently he would tell of a fight or other difficult situation at work that he had to deal with that day and the time would coincide with when I felt called to pray. 

Stay with me ladies and keep praying!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Reflections: Power of a Praying Wife Day 1

If reading chapter 1 in the book didn't open your eyes, then you must be blind!  LOL  I am ashamed at myself to think of the ways that I have been tearing my wonderful husband down.  Not intentionally, mind you, but in the little things that I have let go......or don't do.....or flat out ignore.  Shame on me!  So, after spending the day in prayer and reflection, here are a list of things I am resolving to try to do better.  With hard work and a heart open to God, I know that He can make wonderful changes in my life and that those will filter down to my precious husband.  Here goes:

1.  Daily time spent in prayer with God, giving my husband to Him.

2.  Do my very best (no half-hearted attempts here) to keep the house picked up, the laundry done and supper every day.

3.  Work more dilligently in training the children, focusing more on Bear and Abby but the other 2 as well, to instill good work habits and character in them.  Bear has some major issues that need worked on.  I was waiting for Norman to do it, but that is my responsibility!

4.  No nagging.  Ever.  About anything.  Prayer always before bringing anything up that might be construed as nagging.  ***This is the most difficult for me.  I am a nagger.  I admit it.  May God and my husband forgive me***

5.  Diligence in the financial areas that my husband has given me control over. 

6.  Try to think of something small that I can do everyday to bless him (sweets after work, a new gadget, time alone, etc.)

7.  Look around and find things that I can do daily/weekly that will relieve his burden.  Small things can add up!

I also made it a point last night to LISTEN to Norman.  He wasn't talking about anything especially important, mainly work and his coin collection, but normally I would have "tuned him out".  Last night, I listened, asked questions and made eye contact so he knew I was listening (he knows I don't always).  I even learned a few things :) 

Feel free to comment on things that you have learned - share please!  Maybe the things that you have learned will help the rest of us!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Encouraging My Husband

The last months are really starting to wear on my wonderful husband.  A person can only take so much stress.  I've been looking and praying for a way to help him.  Finally, last night, I realized that the best way that I could help him was by praying for him. 

Many, many moons ago (probably 12 years!), I picked up a copy of The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.  I can't begin to express how this book impacted me as a wife....and I think that it benefited my husband as well. 

Would any of you like to join me in spending 31 days in prayer for our husbands?  No matter your current circumstances, there isn't a husband on the planet that couldn't beneft from prayer :)  I urge you to grab a copy of the book, or pray on your own (there is a facebook page devoted to this) and begin blessing your husband through prayer.  It will be the best thing that you have ever done for your marriage, I guarantee it!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Some More Pictures

Before church this Sunday.  Aren't we cute?  See those adorable tights Abby is wearing?  I stood in line for an hour at The Children's Place in St. Louis Mill mall so that I could get the $15 tights for $1.47......yeah, I'm dedicated.  Or cheap.  I'm not sure which.

This is the only derby car race picture I got.  Daddy made Bear a Lightning McQueen car.  It did well :)  I spent the rest of the evening holding a sleeping Abby.

Bear and Abby after story-time at Helen Matthes Library.  They had a great time.  We will have to go more often.

Greg made this pillowcase for Bear today.  I gets bored in the afternoon so I am trying to keep him busy.  A yard of snuggle flannel is a small price to pay for a happy child.  The feel of that flannel makes you want to stay in bed forever! 

Ok, I think that updates pictures and such.  Have a good evening!

Pictures from St. Louis Trip

I realize that I am very late in getting these up.  Sorry :)

Bear loves helicopters, so when we saw this one in Collinsville, we just had to stop!

Lee is as tall as I am so that tells you how tall that truck was.

Bear loved this Catsup bottle.  We drove past it twice that day and he just went on and on about it each time.

They forgot to take the camera to Monster Jam.  And I forgot to take the camera into the City Museum.  So those are the pictures from our trip!