Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Reflections: Power of a Praying Wife Day 1

If reading chapter 1 in the book didn't open your eyes, then you must be blind!  LOL  I am ashamed at myself to think of the ways that I have been tearing my wonderful husband down.  Not intentionally, mind you, but in the little things that I have let go......or don't do.....or flat out ignore.  Shame on me!  So, after spending the day in prayer and reflection, here are a list of things I am resolving to try to do better.  With hard work and a heart open to God, I know that He can make wonderful changes in my life and that those will filter down to my precious husband.  Here goes:

1.  Daily time spent in prayer with God, giving my husband to Him.

2.  Do my very best (no half-hearted attempts here) to keep the house picked up, the laundry done and supper every day.

3.  Work more dilligently in training the children, focusing more on Bear and Abby but the other 2 as well, to instill good work habits and character in them.  Bear has some major issues that need worked on.  I was waiting for Norman to do it, but that is my responsibility!

4.  No nagging.  Ever.  About anything.  Prayer always before bringing anything up that might be construed as nagging.  ***This is the most difficult for me.  I am a nagger.  I admit it.  May God and my husband forgive me***

5.  Diligence in the financial areas that my husband has given me control over. 

6.  Try to think of something small that I can do everyday to bless him (sweets after work, a new gadget, time alone, etc.)

7.  Look around and find things that I can do daily/weekly that will relieve his burden.  Small things can add up!

I also made it a point last night to LISTEN to Norman.  He wasn't talking about anything especially important, mainly work and his coin collection, but normally I would have "tuned him out".  Last night, I listened, asked questions and made eye contact so he knew I was listening (he knows I don't always).  I even learned a few things :) 

Feel free to comment on things that you have learned - share please!  Maybe the things that you have learned will help the rest of us!


www.beachbodycoach.com/coachcindybrown said...

Good job, Carie - I could adopt this list as my own!

Aaron and Amber said...

I love this book!

Kendra said...

I read this book 10 years ago, but I haven't re-visited it since then. I know I'm in a very different place spiritually now. I'd like to pull it out and re-read it. We're packing to move right now, so, when I come across it, I'll put it with my Bible and plan to read it next month when we're settled into our new place. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration to re-read it!