Monday, March 14, 2011

Reflections: The Power of a Praying Wife Day 6


I know that my husband is frequently tempted by the world around him and I pray for him to be able to resist, that God would open a window for him to jump out of, every day.  But for the sake of this conversation, lets talk about the temptations that I face. :) Remember, I can only change me.  The rest is up to God.

I suppose that I am not tempted by the usual stuff......alcohol doesn't call my name (although I don't mind a good drink occassionally), never wanted to do drugs, not into porn........I suppose that my temptations are more mundane....the bowl of ice cream after dinner (when I know I had to many snacks throughout the day), facebook when I should be cleaning something, a quick internet purchase that nobody has to know about (remember to pray for financial control!).  I find my temptations to be more habit than anything.  I do things sometimes without even thinking about it.  So I pray, today, for my husband and also that I will resist the temptation of worldly things and keep my eyes on my priorities: God, husband, kids, church......everything else will fall into place :)

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