Friday, March 04, 2011

Some More Pictures

Before church this Sunday.  Aren't we cute?  See those adorable tights Abby is wearing?  I stood in line for an hour at The Children's Place in St. Louis Mill mall so that I could get the $15 tights for $1.47......yeah, I'm dedicated.  Or cheap.  I'm not sure which.

This is the only derby car race picture I got.  Daddy made Bear a Lightning McQueen car.  It did well :)  I spent the rest of the evening holding a sleeping Abby.

Bear and Abby after story-time at Helen Matthes Library.  They had a great time.  We will have to go more often.

Greg made this pillowcase for Bear today.  I gets bored in the afternoon so I am trying to keep him busy.  A yard of snuggle flannel is a small price to pay for a happy child.  The feel of that flannel makes you want to stay in bed forever! 

Ok, I think that updates pictures and such.  Have a good evening!

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