Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reflections: Power of a Praying Wife Day 7

His Mind

A successful person is almost always successful in his mind before it plays out in his life.......someone who frequently fails has probably already decided that was going to happen before the project ever started.....and after a while, they quit trying.

Confidence.  I can usually tell who the confident people are.  In a room full of people, they are at ease with the conversation, their surroundings and who they are.  The rest of us (me) are usually praying we find someone we know, can go home early or can hide in a corner.  But we've been over my dreadful social skills, so I will spare you that.  My wonderful husband is a confident person.  I think that attracted me to him.  Not afraid of anything, willing to just jump in and give something a go......even when it didn't work out, he very rarely took it personally.  Sometimes I would get tired just listening to him plan or watching him do, do, do.

That confidence has been shaken.  I really didn't think that was possible, but it is and I (as his biggest supporter and helper) should have seen it coming.  Now I am praying that God give that back to him that he isn't a failure, that sometimes things just aren't in our control.  I'm asking God to give him back his spark and take away his fear (which is the topic for tomorrow). 

I'm also asking God to give me a little confidence.  I am not a doormat to be pushed around.  My thoughts, plans and feelings count.  I am worth respect.  I deserve to be treated as they want to be treated.  And I always have, I just didn't know it :) 

Whether your husband is a confident man or not, pray for his mind.  Dreams die in the mind of a man before they even get to the planning stages.  Ask God to give your husband wisdom and discernment and the ability to act on his ideas (if they are also God's).  If your husband is confident, be on guard and pray about things that might attack him.....they are many.  Most of all, keep praying!

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Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing with us, Carie. My husband is a fairly confident man, too. He has been struggling lately as well. God is so wonderful to minister to his people. As we are praying for our husbands, He helps us to pinpoint things in our lives as well. He does mine each day I spend with him. I love Him so much!