Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reflections: Power of a Praying Wife Day 5

My parents never were overly affectionate with each other.  No lovey-dovey stuff there.  So I started married life ignoring affection all together.  It wasn't that I didn't like a quick hug or kiss, but I didn't make it a priority.  My wonderful husband comes from a very affectionate family.  He often walks on the very thin line between decent and inappropriate.  LOL  I am learning and he has backed off a little bit......and the kids frequently roll their eyes and tell us to "get a room" I suppose we are doing ok, now.

There were many years in there though that my poor husband felt like I was shunning him when I dodged his embrace or walked away from a kiss.  I wasn't necessarily doing it to hurt him, but couldn't he see I was busy?  I had things to do!  I have since learned that a 5 minute hug isn't going to make or break my day.  Snuggle on the couch while watching TV (difficult sometimes with 2 little ones crawling on us as well)....hold hands in the car......I try to find ways every day to show Norman that I love him a lot. 

In this department it is the little things that make the big difference :) Pray about your attitude toward affection.  Show some, even if your husband doesn't.  Our actions speak much louder than our words :)

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