Tuesday, February 27, 2007

100 Posts

Yesterday's post was #100. In the blog world that seems to be a big deal so I thought that I would make note of it :)

Today is Tuesday, normally a "home" day, but today we had a homeschool meeting in town. While there we went to the library. We are just back home and after spending a little bit on the net I am going to do my menu plan and grocery list for this week. It is to my great fortune that Kroger and IGA have their sales fliers online :) It truly does make my grocery shopping that much easier and cost efficient.

Things that I have gotten done today:
bible study
baking (I baked a spice cake and banana bread for the homeschool meeting)
lunch (meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans)
homeschool meeting
****yet to be done - menu plan and grocery list***

Chad was here today and we had a good morning. I guess that he isn't read to much because he was enthralled with the whole procedure. We read The Grouchy Ladybug and The A Book. He really enjoyed counting the ants! Lee and Greg were able to display some of their Ancient Egypt projects at the homeschool meeting and then they were able to play with their friends. We have had a really good day today!

First thing in the morning I have to go to Effingham and take Uncle Larry shopping. We will go to breakfast and then shop. Then I will go back to his apartment and clean a little or pay bills for him. Usually my mom does this but she is "off" this week. Then when I get home it is payday....that means "pay the bills day". So very busy. Norman also has a doctor appointment. I guess that we will be busy.

Have a great day!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday, February 26

Praise the Lord!
It is a beautiful day!
Here it is almost 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I am pretty much finished with my day. We will eat supper in just a few minutes and then leave for taekwondo. Today I accomplished quite a bit, including:
bible study (regular reading plus I finished laziness study)
lunch (fried chicken, scalloped potatoes and candied carrots)
laundry (1 load left to fold and then put everything away)
decluttered sewing area
knitted for about 30 minutes

Chad was here today. He celebrated his 4th birthday last week. He had a cold so he didn't go to school and was here for most of the day. His dad came and got him earlier for a doctor's appointment. Norman worked another double last night, so we had to be very, very quiet most of the day. He is back at work now and the boys are outside shooting at birds with their bb guns. I am enjoying the quiet :)

Tomorrow we have a homeschool meeting so I will have to do some baking first thing in the morning. I think that I am going to make a spice cake and banana bread to take with us. I will need to pick up drinks and paper products either today or tomorrow. We think that Greg may be trying to get a urinary track infection so I need to pick up some cranberry juice as well.
I guess that I may be doing a little shopping this evening.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

This weeks chore list

I have decided that it will be easier if I make up a weekly chore list and then work from it all week rather than try to decide what to do each day at the beginning of the week.

My list for this week is:
scrub my shower
wipe down my tub (we don't use it much and it has collected dust)
dust and vaccum the living room
sweep and mop kitchen
water plants (did that today!)
bathe Sadie
declutter the toy room
declutter boys room
clean bathrooms
pick up the laundry room
check menu plan and make grocery list
wash sheets
3 15 minute declutter sessions (ala flylady)
15 minunte yard pickup (we need to get ready for spring and the yard is a mess)
declutter my sewing area (I hope to be doing some sewing soon)
15 minute closet declutter (my 8x10 walk-in closet - it is a mess)

I am going back to my 4 week menu rotation. I don't remember why I got off of it in the first place....it was so much easier for my poor little brain!!!!!
I am going to try doing the chores like this for a while and see how it goes. When I do my daily post I can be accountable for my chores.....maybe that will actually make me accountable to post as well. I am also hoping to finish up my study on laziness and post my thoughts/insights on that topic here as well.

Thanks for hanging in here with me this weekend. God has really spoken to me and I can see ways that I can improve my life and make it more pleasing to Him.

Have a great week!!!!!!

Living out my convictions

I have finally come to a realization. I apologize to my few readers for being whiny and self-centered yesterday. I wanted someone to say "this is what you need to do"........I needed someone to make this decision for me......someone to whom I could place all blame when confronted about my decisions. I realize today that I have to make this decision.....nobody else can make it. My dh isn't a believer, so he isn't going to make it for me......In fact I am pretty sure that he isn't going to support me in this decision. So to submit to him, I will wear pants whenever he wishes, and wear dresses the rest of the time. He doesn't mind me in skirts and when I wore them alot before he was ok with it because I was doing it because I liked them. I think that this solution will work for me and my family. I will be doing what I feel is right and continue to submit to my dh.

I am trying to work myself up to the questions that will invariably come my way. I want to be a good witness and example to those that ask about my dress. I want others to see Jesus in me.

I have lived almost 30 years of my life (the last 5-8 wondering about this question) living for me. I think that it is about time that I lived for God. I love skirts, always have, and see that this is a wonderful way for me to be an example of living for Jesus. I will be set apart from the world, even if I look like them some of the time (lots of people wear skirts at one time or the other). I realize that some people may not notice at first, but I hope that my attitude, demeanor and actions will also begin to be discreet and chaste.

This post seems to be all about me again, but in the end I hope that my decision will give God all the glory in the end.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Interesting Article

I stumbled upon this article after I posted below......I found it very interesting and reaffirming of what I am beginning to believe is true and right. If you are interested the link is HERE.

Please feel free to comment if you feel led.

Searching for the truth

Have you ever been searching for something that you can't quite put your finger on, but you are in desperate need to find it? That is how I have been feeling for the last couple of weeks. I thought that I had found some of the anwers when I began my in-depth Bible study of laziness the other day. I was/am learning and growing in the Lord and seeking His will in my life. That is good and worthy, but the learning and growing in the Lord just seems to keep me searching and seeking for more answers.

I am desiring greatly to understand how God wants me to be modest, chaste.....more ladylike in my actions, speech and life. I want to know how this should play out in my life. Should my dress be obviously feminine (as in only dresses/skirts)? How can I do this without being labled legalistic? Are my strong desires to do something indication of a conviction or just my emotions leading the way? And how do I KNOW????

Don't you wish that the Bible came in list form.....you should do this, and this, and this.....here are the guidelines for this, and this, and this.....?? I am confused by the conflicting opinions of people who have studied the Bible in depth and have come to 2 different conclusions......how is that completely possible??? If women are to look distinctively like women then why is this not preached from every pulpit in the country.......?? Are the guidelines of the past thousand years enough to make something feminine when this country has strayed from those norms for the last hundred (mainly the last 50) years?

I have seen so may women lately that I believe are dressing femininly for the Lord. I applaud their efforts and then feel guilty because I have read the scriptures on this and even though I agree with how it reads.......I don't do anything about it. I don't conform my life to the way that I am interpreting the scriptures...........

Why?? Because I don't want to be labeled a "religious fanatic". I don't want people to argue with me about legalism. I want people to see me as a discreet, chaste, modest women....God-fearing in thoughts and behavior. Is there a way to live out my convictions (which I believe my thoughts are becoming) without people judging? I don't want to judge anyone else.....I would never want to do that......and I fear of being judged myself. Is that feeling alone wrong?

Please, if anyone who reads this has any thoughts for me or answers to my questions.....I would love to search the scriptures in a specific direction. I have read most of the "typical" modest dressing verses and would love a new insight......A fresh look at this subject. Also, please pray for me if you feel led.....that I would take my convictions and make them part of my walk with God. Please pray that He will show me the way.

Thank you!

Hands and Hearts History Kits

Today is such a rainy day. After we finished our chores, we broke out our box of Hands and Hearts Ancient Egypt History Kits and got to work. The boys love to paint and I hate to let them (sooo messy) but this really forced my hand. They really enjoyed making the Egyptian throwing stick and then Wooden Paddle Doll. Right now they are playing Senet. I won earlier against Greg but lost against Lee. Now they are playing each other. I am so glad that I purchased this kit last fall. I was beginning to think that it was a waste of money because we were never going to have time to do it.........but NOW I will definately MAKE the time to do the other projects. We really, really enjoyed them.

If you are interested in Hands and Heart History Kits, there is an advertisement box on the right, toward the bottom that will take you straight to their site. They have loads of other interesting stuff there as well. I also bought History Pockets - Ancient Egypt and we have enjoyed using it as well. The boys are actually going to be showing a completed project at the homeschool meeting next week and we won't be doing it Monday!!!!! Everything is already complete. What a blessing for mom!!!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Political Activists

I know that a lot of homeschoolers are politically active, championing causes that they believe are right and good. My boys also have this tendency as well. Here are the causes that they are championing:

He wants there to be unlimited peppermints at Ryan's restaurant. My dh tends to agree. Just last night he was again reprimanded by the staff for trying to take a small handfull of mints. Now mind you, he was getting the mints for all of us, not just himself. We had also just paid $30 for a buffet meal that we didn't eat near enough of (did you know that Ryan's has "repriced" their buffet??). He was so steamed that I thought he might blow his gasket. My dh was a little distrubed also. We might have to take this up with management next time that we are there.

Greg is very upset by the Nike shoes sign that is on our local athletic shoe store. He has been upset about this sign since he learned to read. He says that it is pronounced Nike (long i, no sound after the k) and thinks that the shoe company is doing a great disservice to all the beginning readers of the world by not spelling correctly. He thinks that there should be a y at the end of Nike (Nikey) so that it will be phonetically correct. This sign drives him bonkers every time we pass it, and it is on the way to Walmart so that is frequently.

I really do hope that eventually they channel this outrage at something that we might actually be able to change :)


Monday, February 19, 2007


Our power went off at 7:30 a.m. today and didn't come back on until noon. I was attempting to clean the shower in our bathroom when it went off. I just got finished with my housework and am pretty pleased with my accomplishments for the day.

I cleaned and decluttered the living room, dining room and kitchen.
I swept the kitchen and dining room and dusted and vaccumed the living room.
I cleaned the boys bathroom and my bathroom.
I am still working on laundry. The power being off all morning really slowed that down.
Sadie has a hurt leg so we are postponing her bath until she feels better.
I haven't been on the internet to see what flylady's zone assignment is yet so I am checking and then will get that done.

We have taekwondo tonight and Norman has tomorrow off so we will see how things go. I hope to finish the laundry tomorrow cause I know I won't get it all done today. Daniel cleared my driveway so we can get out!!!! Yeah!!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snow, Snow Go Away!!!!

Alright, I think that we have had enough of winter. At least here at our house we have. With Friday and Saturday's most recent snowfall (about 3 inches) and the horrible winds the boys and I have been snowbound since Sat. at noon. We were able to go to Effingham for taekwondo testing Saturday morning and just barely made it back up the driveway at noon. Norman immediately changed clothes and went to work.....barely making it back out again. The boys and I went to a cookout at mom's via my dad (and brother) picking us up in 4-wheel drive Jeep through the adjacent corn field. That is also how Norman was able to get home last night and then leave again for work today. Our long driveway is blown shut :) However the adjacent field is pretty much just dusted with snow. Imagine the irony :) Luckily brother Daniel will be able to plow the driveway tomorrow, allowing us to be like normal people again. And with temps climbing into the 40's and 50's this week I think that we will be getting around with no problem :)

Have a great week everyone!!!!!

Monday cleaning

Tomorrow will be a full day of cleaning. The boys are going across the field to grandma's to make DoodleDogs (Greg's word for snickerdoodle cookies) and to play Monopoly. They will probably be there at least part of the day and I intend to get as much cleaning done as possible while they are gone. I already have my portable CD playing ready to go with some sermon's on CD to listen to.
Here are some things that I hope to accomplish:
***clean and declutter the dining room and kitchen
***deep clean the boy's bathroom
***clean and declutter the living room
***deep clean my bathroom

clean out the fridge
flylady zone cleaning
work on partial master schedule
call the doctor's office about bloodwork results
Sadie's bath

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A look into our homeschool

I think that it is important for us homeschool moms to see how others organize their days. I find it particularly encouraging and refreshing to see how others do things. I learn so much from my homeschool mom friends!!!!!!

Here is a look at our homeschool today :)

Chad (the little guy I babysit) got here early because school was canceled due to bad weather (he attends PreK at the public school and usually doesn't get here until around 11 a.m.). He arrived at around 8 a.m. Luckily I had knew that school was out and I had already showered and had breakfast. Norman worked a double shift last night so he was just getting home at 8 a.m. He would only be able to sleep a few hours before returning to work, so it was going to be imperative that we be very, very quiet this morning.
My boys got up, got dressed (Lee is still in his pj's for some reason), ate breakfast and brushed their teeth. We started school around 9 a.m. I instructed them to do all the subjects that required me FIRST (usually I let them pick the order) so that I could spend a little time with Chad one-on-one later. We zipped through copywork, Latin (Lee), math and spelling. Then both of my boys got to reading. They have time for selections of their choice and then time for book basket (history, science and literature selections). While they were reading I worked through a couple of preK worksheets with Chad. He likes to be able to "do school" too :)

I started cooking lunch about 10:30 and the boys finished up with their reading. They played quietly in their room until I called them for lunch at 11. We had hot dogs, pork and beans and green beans. When lunch was finished everyone gets "free time" till dad goes to work at 1:30. The boys played and I pre-read the science chapter for later. I also put an apple pie in the over to bake :)

Norman got up, cleaned up and left for work at 1:15. The road were horrible today and it took him forever to get to work......almost 1 1/2 hours rather than the 45 mins. it usually takes. We kept in touch by cell phone so that I knew he made it ok. School started back up at 1:30 and Chad laid down to take a nap. We read a chapter from Story of the World Vol. 1, reviewed our Veritas Press history and Bible cards and read the corresponding pages from Streams of Civilization. Then we started the book Tirzah. In case you were wondering we are studying ancient Egypt and the Old Testament this year. Then we read a chapter in our science book and discussed it. Then we were done!!!!!

The rest of the afternoon is left for playing (quietly while Chad is sleeping) and housework for mom. I am almost done with laundry. I think that we will have soup for supper. I managed to carve out some internet time (I always manage to get some time, it just depends on when!) and will be finishing up laundry, supper and kitchen pick-up shortly. Then I should have some time for Bible study (I am studying laziness) and knitting (trying to finish that pair of socks).

This is a pretty typical day. We are usually done with our a.m. subjects by 11. The best thing that I ever did was write out their daily assignments for them each day and they just check them off. They are very motivated to finish that card. I usually have time to check their assignments as they go. Chad should wake up from his nap at any time and his dad will be here to get him later. I guess that I should go finish up my housework!!!!!

Primary Language Lessons

It has been requested that I share how we use Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl in our homeschool. I would love to share!!!!!

We started using PLL when Lee was in 3rd grade. It is suggested that you start in 2nd grade and do half in 2nd and half in 3rd. We didn't have both years so we zipped through it at a much quicker pace. I will share how I used it with Lee and then how I plan to use it next year with Greg (2 year span).

Lee is my "non-writer". He does not like to write. I don't push it (many of you realize that boys develop that particular motor skill a little later than girls sometimes). Most of the exercises were done orally, even when instructed to write them. We didn't do any of the memorizing. We used those selections as reading practice (Lee was a slower reader also). I would have Lee write about every 3rd writing/composition exercise. That meant that he was writing about once a week. I usually had him do the copywork lessons as written and sometimes we would use them as dictation. We did a lesson every day (skipping some here and there) and were able to finish the book in one year.

With Greg (next year) we will be stretching the book out over 2 years. He will be doing a lesson every other day (we school 4 days a week). The only time that the days will fall together will be when a copywork exercise is to be used for dictation. I want the copywork to be fresh in his mind when we do the dictation. I am also breaking some of the longer assignments up into several days. I don't want to burden him with too much information too quickly. This will take us about half-way through the book. I felt that it would be better to use the "shorter" half :) of the book this year and work a little harder next year on the "longer" half :) I will probably use most of the exercises orally for Greg as well. His writing is more advanced than his brother's was at this stage, but I don't want to push him to hate it. Most of the written exercises will be composition, copywork and dictation rather than the "answer the question" variety. Those can be just as easily answered and understood orally as written.

I really love Emma Serl's approach to grammar and writing for the early grades. The approach is gentle and thorough enough for our family. We look forward to using Intermediate Language Lessons next year with Lee (we took the year off from English grammar and concentrated on Latin this year). ILL is to be used over 3 years and we will be condensing it down into 2. I will be able to detail how that will work for our family after I get ahold of the book :)
If anyone has any more questions, please let me know!!!

I am a woman

I just read this quote by Elizabeth Elliott and thought that it was so wonderful. It truly exemplifies what I want my life to be.k

The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman. For I have accepted God's idea of me, and my whole life is an offering back to Him of all that I am and all that He wants me to be.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

And my little dog too..........

I have a little dog.

If you have never met my little dog, please let me introduce you. My little dog is named Sadie. She is at least 3 years old.....a black cocker spaniel, weighing about 20 pounds. My little dog doesn't really like men, except Norman, and if they come in the house "unannounced" then she will yelp and cry and hide behind me.

Sadie sleeps in bed with us. Before Norman comes home from work at midnight she sleeps on his pillows by my head. After he comes to bed she sleeps at my feet. She also lays at my feet on the end of the recliner while I am knitting. Sadie loves potato chips, peanut butter, milk and bread. She also love chocolate but we try not to let her have any. My little dog can jump onto the breakfast bar by running across the room and leaping onto it. She gets up there every evening when we leave for taekwondo. She also sleeps on the kitchen table. Sadie would happily spend her days riding around in a car with me if I could let her.

My little dog had a bath this a.m. She has a bath every Saturday morning, but this morning we had some new oatmeal dog shampoo. It is vanilla scented. Now my little dog smells like oatmeal cookies :)

Quiet Moments

My boys went to my mom and dad's house (across the field) to visit for a little bit so I am enjoying some quiet moments and thought that I would post.

There have been so many things happening around here that I don't even know where to begin and gather my thoughts.

School plans have been made for next year. I am hoping to attend the Indianapolis Convention in March so I will buy most of my stuff there. I will place my order from My Father's World to correspond with that time. We probably won't take a lot of time off this summer so we will just go from one curriculum to the next.

Here is the rundown for next year:
Leland - 5th Grade
My Father's World Explorers-1850 (history/bible/science)
Math-U-See (whatever comes after Gamma - I don't have the book in front of me)
Italic Handwriting book F
Spellling Power
Latin Christiana I
Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl
Writing - either Writing Strands 3 again or something else I pick up at convention
45 mins. of required reading every day plus book basket

Gregory - 2nd Grade
My Father's World Explorers-1850 (with the Adventures supplement)
Math-U-See Gamma
Italic Handwriting book C
Spelling Power
Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl
Prima Latina
30 mins. of required reading every day plus book basket

Now that Leland enjoys reading somewhat he will be required to choose a different genre of book to read and report on every month. Right now he is reading through the Boxcar Children series but I would like to expand his reading selections. Each month he will required to select a genre of books (historical fiction, biography, science, history, mystery, etc.), read it and give a short oral or written report (I haven't decided completely on the form of the report yet). Once that is done, he will be free to read whatever he likes (with approval) until the end of that month. I am hoping to open him up to the different styles of writing and then various things that can be learned or explored through reading. I think that this will be a compromise that we can both live with. Gregory will be exempt from this pattern for one more year while he develops his reading skills.

I am also hoping to put more of a focus on character development this year and next. MFW programs to focus on character and training somewhat, but I know that this is an area that I need to work on with my children. While training my children I know that I will also have to work on my character.

I find that I struggle with depression frequently throughout each month. Most of the time I can't even put my finger on what the cause for my "blues" would be. I am just "blue". I feel that these feelings may be due to some discontent on my part and I am going to work on that. Sometimes I feel like I am pushing God away, when I really do need him more than ever. There are so many things that I daily as my God and I know that He just wants ME. All of ME. He wants ME with no strings attached and with no conditions. God wants me, all of my sinful nature and my many faults. He wants to work in my life and to use me to further His kingdom. I want to give myself to Him. Truly I do. But that is where it gets hard. I find it very hard to "let go" of my life. Even though I consiously know that God can do wonderful things in my life, I find myself afraid to relinquish control. "What ifs" plague my thoughts. I am scared. So this week and next I am going to be praying that God will help me reliquish control of my life to Him. I don't know what is going to happen next but I am excited to see how God will use me. Please pray for me, if you feel led, during this time.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bittersweet Failure

To those of you who have been following our trials with infertility, I thank you for your prayers. We had what I am considering a set back on Monday. Monday was the day scheduled for my ultrasound and possible IUI. Take note of the word possible. I guess that I never considered that it wasn't possible, however my egg follicle was not mature, so I was not able to have the IUI done this cycle.

My medication dosage has been increased and we are hopefull for a successful round next time.

I can't describe the range of emotions that I have felt since Monday morning. I never, ever considered the possibility that the procedure couldn't be done. The sadness that I have felt over the missed opportunity is overwhelming. I am leaning on God's strength to get me through this sadness and back into an optimistic frame of mind. Once again, I am reminded of how many blessings I have in this life and of how gracious God has been to me. Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers.