Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Political Activists

I know that a lot of homeschoolers are politically active, championing causes that they believe are right and good. My boys also have this tendency as well. Here are the causes that they are championing:

He wants there to be unlimited peppermints at Ryan's restaurant. My dh tends to agree. Just last night he was again reprimanded by the staff for trying to take a small handfull of mints. Now mind you, he was getting the mints for all of us, not just himself. We had also just paid $30 for a buffet meal that we didn't eat near enough of (did you know that Ryan's has "repriced" their buffet??). He was so steamed that I thought he might blow his gasket. My dh was a little distrubed also. We might have to take this up with management next time that we are there.

Greg is very upset by the Nike shoes sign that is on our local athletic shoe store. He has been upset about this sign since he learned to read. He says that it is pronounced Nike (long i, no sound after the k) and thinks that the shoe company is doing a great disservice to all the beginning readers of the world by not spelling correctly. He thinks that there should be a y at the end of Nike (Nikey) so that it will be phonetically correct. This sign drives him bonkers every time we pass it, and it is on the way to Walmart so that is frequently.

I really do hope that eventually they channel this outrage at something that we might actually be able to change :)


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