Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snow, Snow Go Away!!!!

Alright, I think that we have had enough of winter. At least here at our house we have. With Friday and Saturday's most recent snowfall (about 3 inches) and the horrible winds the boys and I have been snowbound since Sat. at noon. We were able to go to Effingham for taekwondo testing Saturday morning and just barely made it back up the driveway at noon. Norman immediately changed clothes and went to work.....barely making it back out again. The boys and I went to a cookout at mom's via my dad (and brother) picking us up in 4-wheel drive Jeep through the adjacent corn field. That is also how Norman was able to get home last night and then leave again for work today. Our long driveway is blown shut :) However the adjacent field is pretty much just dusted with snow. Imagine the irony :) Luckily brother Daniel will be able to plow the driveway tomorrow, allowing us to be like normal people again. And with temps climbing into the 40's and 50's this week I think that we will be getting around with no problem :)

Have a great week everyone!!!!!

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