Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bittersweet Failure

To those of you who have been following our trials with infertility, I thank you for your prayers. We had what I am considering a set back on Monday. Monday was the day scheduled for my ultrasound and possible IUI. Take note of the word possible. I guess that I never considered that it wasn't possible, however my egg follicle was not mature, so I was not able to have the IUI done this cycle.

My medication dosage has been increased and we are hopefull for a successful round next time.

I can't describe the range of emotions that I have felt since Monday morning. I never, ever considered the possibility that the procedure couldn't be done. The sadness that I have felt over the missed opportunity is overwhelming. I am leaning on God's strength to get me through this sadness and back into an optimistic frame of mind. Once again, I am reminded of how many blessings I have in this life and of how gracious God has been to me. Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers.



Mrs.B. said...

Oh Carie, I'm so sorry......It's understandable that you're disappointed.....

I noticed that you have a link to my old blog Be Not Conformed in your sidebar. I'm honored that you link to me but I wanted to let you know that since I started my new blog I've deleted Be Not Conformed and someone has taken the name and it's now a not-so-nice website. So I'd appreciate it if you'd take down the link so no one has to be subjected to something so disgusting.

If you'd like to link to my new blog, the address is:



Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your disappointment, continue to count your blessings and remember that God has the most wonderful plans for you. We don't know what they are but they must be awsome because God's plans can be nothing else. Also remember that you are much loved, and in our prayers,
Love, Patty

Dawne said...

Hello Carie,

Yes, your very welcometo post a link here to my blog. Carie, I don't know you and certainly had no idea about your struggles with infertility, but I am very sorry! I'll be praying for you... :(

Dana said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. Old friends of our tried for years...but their happy note was the adoption of a baby boy. I pray your attempts are successful soon!

Toni said...

Just wanted you to know I understand, having never experienced a pregnancy and having struggled with infertility msyelf for many years before finding peace with that endless journey. If you haven't yet found it, I would encourage you to check out Hannahs Prayer.org. I am a former foster parent moderator there and those Christian ladies are a WONDERFUL support and encouragement.
~Toni~ (MFW boards)