Tuesday, February 27, 2007

100 Posts

Yesterday's post was #100. In the blog world that seems to be a big deal so I thought that I would make note of it :)

Today is Tuesday, normally a "home" day, but today we had a homeschool meeting in town. While there we went to the library. We are just back home and after spending a little bit on the net I am going to do my menu plan and grocery list for this week. It is to my great fortune that Kroger and IGA have their sales fliers online :) It truly does make my grocery shopping that much easier and cost efficient.

Things that I have gotten done today:
bible study
baking (I baked a spice cake and banana bread for the homeschool meeting)
lunch (meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans)
homeschool meeting
****yet to be done - menu plan and grocery list***

Chad was here today and we had a good morning. I guess that he isn't read to much because he was enthralled with the whole procedure. We read The Grouchy Ladybug and The A Book. He really enjoyed counting the ants! Lee and Greg were able to display some of their Ancient Egypt projects at the homeschool meeting and then they were able to play with their friends. We have had a really good day today!

First thing in the morning I have to go to Effingham and take Uncle Larry shopping. We will go to breakfast and then shop. Then I will go back to his apartment and clean a little or pay bills for him. Usually my mom does this but she is "off" this week. Then when I get home it is payday....that means "pay the bills day". So very busy. Norman also has a doctor appointment. I guess that we will be busy.

Have a great day!

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