Sunday, February 25, 2007

This weeks chore list

I have decided that it will be easier if I make up a weekly chore list and then work from it all week rather than try to decide what to do each day at the beginning of the week.

My list for this week is:
scrub my shower
wipe down my tub (we don't use it much and it has collected dust)
dust and vaccum the living room
sweep and mop kitchen
water plants (did that today!)
bathe Sadie
declutter the toy room
declutter boys room
clean bathrooms
pick up the laundry room
check menu plan and make grocery list
wash sheets
3 15 minute declutter sessions (ala flylady)
15 minunte yard pickup (we need to get ready for spring and the yard is a mess)
declutter my sewing area (I hope to be doing some sewing soon)
15 minute closet declutter (my 8x10 walk-in closet - it is a mess)

I am going back to my 4 week menu rotation. I don't remember why I got off of it in the first was so much easier for my poor little brain!!!!!
I am going to try doing the chores like this for a while and see how it goes. When I do my daily post I can be accountable for my chores.....maybe that will actually make me accountable to post as well. I am also hoping to finish up my study on laziness and post my thoughts/insights on that topic here as well.

Thanks for hanging in here with me this weekend. God has really spoken to me and I can see ways that I can improve my life and make it more pleasing to Him.

Have a great week!!!!!!

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Michelle said...

That sounds like a great idea..I know what I need to do but I feel like I am all over the house..I hope you got it all done..