Sunday, February 25, 2007

Living out my convictions

I have finally come to a realization. I apologize to my few readers for being whiny and self-centered yesterday. I wanted someone to say "this is what you need to do"........I needed someone to make this decision for me......someone to whom I could place all blame when confronted about my decisions. I realize today that I have to make this decision.....nobody else can make it. My dh isn't a believer, so he isn't going to make it for me......In fact I am pretty sure that he isn't going to support me in this decision. So to submit to him, I will wear pants whenever he wishes, and wear dresses the rest of the time. He doesn't mind me in skirts and when I wore them alot before he was ok with it because I was doing it because I liked them. I think that this solution will work for me and my family. I will be doing what I feel is right and continue to submit to my dh.

I am trying to work myself up to the questions that will invariably come my way. I want to be a good witness and example to those that ask about my dress. I want others to see Jesus in me.

I have lived almost 30 years of my life (the last 5-8 wondering about this question) living for me. I think that it is about time that I lived for God. I love skirts, always have, and see that this is a wonderful way for me to be an example of living for Jesus. I will be set apart from the world, even if I look like them some of the time (lots of people wear skirts at one time or the other). I realize that some people may not notice at first, but I hope that my attitude, demeanor and actions will also begin to be discreet and chaste.

This post seems to be all about me again, but in the end I hope that my decision will give God all the glory in the end.

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