Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A look into our homeschool

I think that it is important for us homeschool moms to see how others organize their days. I find it particularly encouraging and refreshing to see how others do things. I learn so much from my homeschool mom friends!!!!!!

Here is a look at our homeschool today :)

Chad (the little guy I babysit) got here early because school was canceled due to bad weather (he attends PreK at the public school and usually doesn't get here until around 11 a.m.). He arrived at around 8 a.m. Luckily I had knew that school was out and I had already showered and had breakfast. Norman worked a double shift last night so he was just getting home at 8 a.m. He would only be able to sleep a few hours before returning to work, so it was going to be imperative that we be very, very quiet this morning.
My boys got up, got dressed (Lee is still in his pj's for some reason), ate breakfast and brushed their teeth. We started school around 9 a.m. I instructed them to do all the subjects that required me FIRST (usually I let them pick the order) so that I could spend a little time with Chad one-on-one later. We zipped through copywork, Latin (Lee), math and spelling. Then both of my boys got to reading. They have time for selections of their choice and then time for book basket (history, science and literature selections). While they were reading I worked through a couple of preK worksheets with Chad. He likes to be able to "do school" too :)

I started cooking lunch about 10:30 and the boys finished up with their reading. They played quietly in their room until I called them for lunch at 11. We had hot dogs, pork and beans and green beans. When lunch was finished everyone gets "free time" till dad goes to work at 1:30. The boys played and I pre-read the science chapter for later. I also put an apple pie in the over to bake :)

Norman got up, cleaned up and left for work at 1:15. The road were horrible today and it took him forever to get to work......almost 1 1/2 hours rather than the 45 mins. it usually takes. We kept in touch by cell phone so that I knew he made it ok. School started back up at 1:30 and Chad laid down to take a nap. We read a chapter from Story of the World Vol. 1, reviewed our Veritas Press history and Bible cards and read the corresponding pages from Streams of Civilization. Then we started the book Tirzah. In case you were wondering we are studying ancient Egypt and the Old Testament this year. Then we read a chapter in our science book and discussed it. Then we were done!!!!!

The rest of the afternoon is left for playing (quietly while Chad is sleeping) and housework for mom. I am almost done with laundry. I think that we will have soup for supper. I managed to carve out some internet time (I always manage to get some time, it just depends on when!) and will be finishing up laundry, supper and kitchen pick-up shortly. Then I should have some time for Bible study (I am studying laziness) and knitting (trying to finish that pair of socks).

This is a pretty typical day. We are usually done with our a.m. subjects by 11. The best thing that I ever did was write out their daily assignments for them each day and they just check them off. They are very motivated to finish that card. I usually have time to check their assignments as they go. Chad should wake up from his nap at any time and his dad will be here to get him later. I guess that I should go finish up my housework!!!!!

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Momma Roar said...

Thanks for posting this, I enjoy a peek into someone else's homeschool day. Mine are younger, ds 4.5, dd 2, ds 2m and I am just now trying to figure out what type of schedule we will have.
I hope you don't mind me visiting. I reached your site from triviumheartschool.

Great site, thanks for letting me stop by.
Leigh Ann