Saturday, February 10, 2007

And my little dog too..........

I have a little dog.

If you have never met my little dog, please let me introduce you. My little dog is named Sadie. She is at least 3 years old.....a black cocker spaniel, weighing about 20 pounds. My little dog doesn't really like men, except Norman, and if they come in the house "unannounced" then she will yelp and cry and hide behind me.

Sadie sleeps in bed with us. Before Norman comes home from work at midnight she sleeps on his pillows by my head. After he comes to bed she sleeps at my feet. She also lays at my feet on the end of the recliner while I am knitting. Sadie loves potato chips, peanut butter, milk and bread. She also love chocolate but we try not to let her have any. My little dog can jump onto the breakfast bar by running across the room and leaping onto it. She gets up there every evening when we leave for taekwondo. She also sleeps on the kitchen table. Sadie would happily spend her days riding around in a car with me if I could let her.

My little dog had a bath this a.m. She has a bath every Saturday morning, but this morning we had some new oatmeal dog shampoo. It is vanilla scented. Now my little dog smells like oatmeal cookies :)

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