Saturday, February 24, 2007

Searching for the truth

Have you ever been searching for something that you can't quite put your finger on, but you are in desperate need to find it? That is how I have been feeling for the last couple of weeks. I thought that I had found some of the anwers when I began my in-depth Bible study of laziness the other day. I was/am learning and growing in the Lord and seeking His will in my life. That is good and worthy, but the learning and growing in the Lord just seems to keep me searching and seeking for more answers.

I am desiring greatly to understand how God wants me to be modest, chaste.....more ladylike in my actions, speech and life. I want to know how this should play out in my life. Should my dress be obviously feminine (as in only dresses/skirts)? How can I do this without being labled legalistic? Are my strong desires to do something indication of a conviction or just my emotions leading the way? And how do I KNOW????

Don't you wish that the Bible came in list should do this, and this, and are the guidelines for this, and this, and this.....?? I am confused by the conflicting opinions of people who have studied the Bible in depth and have come to 2 different is that completely possible??? If women are to look distinctively like women then why is this not preached from every pulpit in the country.......?? Are the guidelines of the past thousand years enough to make something feminine when this country has strayed from those norms for the last hundred (mainly the last 50) years?

I have seen so may women lately that I believe are dressing femininly for the Lord. I applaud their efforts and then feel guilty because I have read the scriptures on this and even though I agree with how it reads.......I don't do anything about it. I don't conform my life to the way that I am interpreting the scriptures...........

Why?? Because I don't want to be labeled a "religious fanatic". I don't want people to argue with me about legalism. I want people to see me as a discreet, chaste, modest women....God-fearing in thoughts and behavior. Is there a way to live out my convictions (which I believe my thoughts are becoming) without people judging? I don't want to judge anyone else.....I would never want to do that......and I fear of being judged myself. Is that feeling alone wrong?

Please, if anyone who reads this has any thoughts for me or answers to my questions.....I would love to search the scriptures in a specific direction. I have read most of the "typical" modest dressing verses and would love a new insight......A fresh look at this subject. Also, please pray for me if you feel led.....that I would take my convictions and make them part of my walk with God. Please pray that He will show me the way.

Thank you!

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