Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hands and Hearts History Kits

Today is such a rainy day. After we finished our chores, we broke out our box of Hands and Hearts Ancient Egypt History Kits and got to work. The boys love to paint and I hate to let them (sooo messy) but this really forced my hand. They really enjoyed making the Egyptian throwing stick and then Wooden Paddle Doll. Right now they are playing Senet. I won earlier against Greg but lost against Lee. Now they are playing each other. I am so glad that I purchased this kit last fall. I was beginning to think that it was a waste of money because we were never going to have time to do it.........but NOW I will definately MAKE the time to do the other projects. We really, really enjoyed them.

If you are interested in Hands and Heart History Kits, there is an advertisement box on the right, toward the bottom that will take you straight to their site. They have loads of other interesting stuff there as well. I also bought History Pockets - Ancient Egypt and we have enjoyed using it as well. The boys are actually going to be showing a completed project at the homeschool meeting next week and we won't be doing it Monday!!!!! Everything is already complete. What a blessing for mom!!!!!

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