Friday, January 28, 2011

Legwarmer #1 and Other Stuff

This is the 1st legwarmer for Abby.  How would I NOT have thought of this before?  They will be so sweet under her little skirts and a wonderful use for leftover sock yarn - I suppose that most of her legwarmers will match a pair of my socks :)  Norman measured her ankle to mid-thigh as 7 inches....the pattern I was using was for a newborn so I had to work several more increases and gave it 12 inches in I finished it up I was so afraid that the top would be too loose, but it just fits.  Perfect!  Which means that she won't have much growing room but they should work for this winter and we will see about another pair next winter.  AS SOON AS I get the 2nd one done I will make her model them for ya'll. 

Abby learned how to "pull-up" to stuff today.  She cries once she gets there though because she doesn't know what to do or how to get down.  Had family for supper tonight and Norman fixed the goose that he hunted a couple of days ago.  He is really liking goose hunting.  LOL  I had chicken. 

Got a birthday party tomorrow - for our cousin Gabby, yes, Abby has a cousin named Gabby :)  Gabby turned 1 today and was one of those here for supper.  She is smaller than Abby, considerably.  I know that Abby is very big for her age, but it is days like this that I realize how much bigger she is.  LOL  Such a little monkey.

Anyway, it is getting late, but I wanted to share the picture.  Hope ya'll have a good night!


Victoria said...

What an absolutely cute idea! Abby will be adorable in them.

WendyMcD said...

You did a great job! They are real cute. Dress her up as much as you can NOW while you have a chance as they really do grow up so fast. Mine has her own style now and I so wish that I had stopped to take the time to make her little princess dresses with netting under them when I had a chance. I made her a full crinoline a few years ago in purple net with purple satin, hotchacha! She can't wear it... she's much more subdued then I. :-) Personally I wear real full skirts with fat slips under so I look like an flower... upside down but a flower HAHA.

Hey if those leg warmers slip down... JoAnns has this elastic thread stuff... jewelry making section... run that through at 1" intervals. I find that even if I rib them all the way up and down they still will fall. I'm still working on them though. I have arthritic knees that I like to keep warmed.