Monday, January 24, 2011

Lots Going On

As usual, there has been a lot going on here.  I suppose I can quit saying that when I am dead.  Anyway, I am very thankful to have been HOME a lot this winter.  I have kept the "running" to a minimum and stayed in the house.  Some of that was due to the depression that I have been under, some a conscious decision that I have made. 

I remember when I was a new mom, early in our marriage.....I hated to stay home.  I would find excuses to go, my mom's, the park, a friend's....sometimes we would just drive around aimlessly.  In the evenings we would drive to town, eat fast food and wander walmart.  It seemed so lonely and depressing at home. 

I realize now that some of that was due to my attitude.  Some of it was due to marital and financial problems we were having at the time.  Some was due to depression.  Some was due to my laziness....I didn't want to clean, cook or "deal" with these babies.  If I wasn't home, then the problem could be ignored for the most part. 

God placed many wonderful, godly people (mostly women) in my life around the time that Greg was born.  I can honestly say that their guidance helped keep our marriage together, introduced me to homeschooling and brought my heart back around to my home and family.  God is good!  I wish many days that I had learned more during that first year of marriage, when we didn't have children.  I wish that I hadn't wasted so many years when I could have made better memories for my children.  BUT, I praise God every day that I am where I am now.  I can understand some of the struggles others are having and no matter how "bad" things get, I know that God is here, He is working, ever present in my life and family.  He has brought us a long way so I know that nothing is too big for Him to handle.

One of the godly women that was placed in my path was Mrs Lorrie Flem, editor of TEACH magazine.  TEACH isn't a magazine about homeschooling, but about mothering, godly womanhood and homemaking.  An occasional article about homeschooling will be found in it's pages, as homeschooling is a big part of mentoring in our children's lives. 

I can't hardly believe that TEACH has been publishing for 10 years!  I must have found Lorrie early on, but it still doesn't seem like it has been that long :)  Please, if you are looking for godly encouragment on your role as wife, mother, and woman of God, check out TEACH.....their magazine has a new name....Eternal Encouragement.  I think that is fitting, as Lorrie gives encouragement about the things that have eternal implications in your life, my life and the lives of our families.  Anyway, I will be reviewing True Treasures: 10 Years of TEACH magazine later this week.  Please come back and see what this wonderful publication has to offer YOU!

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Victoria said...

I like the new look of your blog, Carie. Look forward to reading your review of True Treasures.