Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari

I haven't been reviewing children's book for Blogging for Books program but I decided to give this one a go.  We have so many books, mainly children's books, but Bear loves dragons and dinosaurs.....and he LOVED this book.

Roger turtle and Padraig dragon are friends that are on a safari (in the backyard).  They hear noises that scare them but overcome that and even rescue a baby leopard (kitten).  Along the way they use manners, share and encourage one another. 

As I said, Bear loved this book.  In fact, when I got the copy and set it next to me for review, he spirited it away to his room.  It is HIS book :)  I believe it is written in England English (you know, with the accent) - there is a lot of "jolly good" and "cheerio".  I don't do a British accent and I find it slightly annoying.  Bear didn't know what a mum was so I switched it to mom while reading.  However, the book is very cute and it doesn't have to be read with a British accent so that is easy to overlook. 

The story at the end about Mount Sillymanborrow was super cute, even if Bear was too young to "get" it....I tried explaining and it didn't work so we will save that for later.  The last page contains questions to guide discussion with your child.  Very simple and thought provoking.  We don't always discuss books, but we did this time and Bear got more out of it than I thought.  Nice touch.

The Dragon and Turtle Go on Safari is available for $8.63 HERE.

***I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review***

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