Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Super Bowl and Other Stuff

We hosted a huge (to us) Super Bowl party here Sunday night.  34 people in total....many of them kids.  We had great fun!  Wonderful food - shrimp/sausage gumbo, wild game gumbo, beef stew, chips, dips, pizzas, pizza bread, fantastic desserts.....the list goes on and on.  I was rooting for the Steelers :(  So sad they didn't win...... but that's ok.  A good time was had anyway :)

I should have taken pictures while everyone was here.  It was a good thing we have such a big living room and so many TVs.  People were watching in Lee's bedroom, Greg's bedroom and our living room.  Crammed in like sardines.  LOL  Good times, good times.....

The snow/ice melted just enough to make the whole thing ice....and then it got cold again....so it is like solid, smooth sheets of ice in our yard, driveway and some of the roads.  This afternoon I am venturing out to return movies to Effingham....I drove to church on Sunday and took Lee to the bus this morning.....I don't drive well on this stuff.  I don't remember when the last year was we had so much snow/ice/mess....and it has been so cold that it stays around forever.  We may never get rid of it.  I can't wait till spring gets here.  I need warm sunshine and flowers.

I think we will be planting a lot in planters this year since we don't know when we will be moving exactly.  We've had a couple of phone calls about the house and one couple wants to come see it but the weather slowed that down some.  Maybe warmer temps will bring just the right buyer.  I would love to be moved quick enough to plant a garden this year, but if not that's ok.  We will manage :)  We are usually given much produce and are sure to get some if we put the word out.  I am itching for a home-grown tomato.....oh the tastes of spring!!!!!

Well, I need to get back to work, so off I go.  Have a good day and stay warm!!!!!

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Kelli said...

Carie- I am SO itching for a real tomato. I don't buy them in the off season (icky!) and salsa just isn't cutting it anymore. I want a BLT or 2 or 3! YUM!!!