Saturday, February 05, 2011

Baby Burp Cloths

Today's project was some burp cloths for our minister's new grandbaby.  The expecting mother doesn't like pink (gasp!!!!) so I went with neutral yellow and green. 

A set of 3.  I thought that they turned out cute.

Rolled and tied up with some ribbon.....

Wrapped and tied with more ribbon. 

Bear and Abby played in Abby's crib while I was sewing. 

BEAR took this picture of me and Abby.  It is a terrible picture of me (why do I have such bags under my eyes????) but I doubt that there are many pictures of me and Abby so I thought I would share one.  You can see Sadie sleeping on the couch in the background.  LOL

So that was my day.  I got the burp cloths done and wrapped, I got the review done.  Bear, Abby and I played a lot and all the boys played outside.  Super Bowl party tomorrow!!!!!  Go Steelers!

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