Thursday, February 03, 2011


We made it through the ice storm in one piece.  A generator is a wonderful thing :)  Many in our county are still without power although ours was only off for about 24 hrs. 

Today we made it out into the world.  Ryan's for lunch, Walmart for groceries, Family Video for movies and we are home again....snuggled up watching The A-Team.  Going to have buffalo burgers and fries for supper.  Yummy!

This is "Cooker Bear" in his new Cars apron that I whipped up on Tuesday.  I used the pattern for the girls apron in the book All Dolled Up: Sewing for Girls and Their Dolls by Joan Hinds.  Very easy.  It took about 30 mins. worth of sewing - but of course I eliminated the cupcake applique, the ruffle and modified the neck strap. Next time I make him an apron I will have to add a pocket.  Everyone needs a pocket :)

This is the kids Christmas Eve before we opened our gifts.  Sorry, I am slow :)

Bear loves it when I make him a blanket tent in the living room.  Actually, we have had one there for most of the winter.  Occasionally, he can coerce Abby into joining him.  So I quickly snapped a picture.  Aren't they sweet? 

I've got a review to do sometime this weekend, I want to finish Abby's legwarmers and get a picture posted and I need to actually finish the legwarmers and prepare for a Super Bowl party.  I also have a custom project that I am pushing to get finished for a customer.  Lots to do :)  Talk again soon!

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