Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh Pinterest

Our plans for the day were fairly simple....quick trip to walmart for paintballs (and the rest of the stuff on my list, but that's why we were going) and then dropping the older 2 boys and later dh at a friend's paintball game.  Then the babies and I would muddle through the rest of the day as best we could until they got home again.

I say muddle because the babies are in that stage where things are difficult.  Yesterday Abby wouldn't stop playing with the light.  I would spank her, put her in a corner for a minute or so and when I would allow her out she would go back and do it again......repeat punishment....and again....5 times total.  I was about ready to pull my hair out.  That was after she had been very whiny and Bear is being clingy.  I just wanted to run away! 

We managed along till the end of the day when Daddy got home from working overtime, took Abby and she instantly went to sleep.  Fine then, be that way!  LOL 

Paintball got canceled this morning.  The older boys are having friends over this afternoon.  I don't know when I will go shopping.  Abby is still whiny, but so far Bear is playing xbox kinect.  I know it is just a faze.  I know that it was my unluckiness that had both of them hitting difficult days together (isn't that how it goes????).

So, I've been amusing myself with Pinterest. Love that site!  I am normally on my kindle which doesn't allow me to pin from there.  Today I am on a computer and happily pinning away.  So many great ideas!  So many fussy babies :(  LOL  At least a girl can dream.....and print off yummy recipes. 

If you want to check out my boards I am Carie Shinn on pinterest.  Happy pinning!!!!!

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Victoria said...

I just recently connected to Pinterest also. Lots of interesting things on there! Hang in there, Carie. These days with your little ones will soon pass. :)