Monday, January 07, 2013

Back to School

The big boys had to go back to school last Thursday but today was the day for the littles.

For some reason we kinda slacked off, Nov. 15th being the last day I have recorded school work.  A perk of homeschooling I guess!

This year we are using MFW PreK 3, PreK 4 and Kindergarten.  Abby is 2 years old, Bear is 5 (but with a late birthday wouldn't be in kindergarten this year).

Abby worked on colors, shapes, worked puzzles, used glue and scissors, and repeated the alphabet flashcards with me.  She also listened in on our read-aloud.

Bear worked on the letter S today, name and sound; played a upper-case/lower-case matching game, alphabet flashcards, number recognition, patterning and calendar work.  And our read-aloud.  Our Bible theme is Jesus is the light of the world.

I'm working on being more consistent with a quiet time here.  Last week we moved Abby's toddler bed into a closet (with a window - a big closet) in Bear's room (with no door so its not like she is shut in).  So now they both have their own little spaces and WE don't have anyone sharing our room!  Woohoo!  So I moved a lamp over to my nightstand and I've been going to bed a little early some nights and reading.  Fiction at night (I'll share when I get finished) and Bible in the morning.  This morning I started in I Corinthians.  I read chapter 1 and then followed the bunny trails that my Life Application Bible had :)  I did some significant journaling and prayer time and really feel like I started my day the way God wanted me too. 

We got the house cleaned up, school done and I decluttered my sewing room a little and made a curtain for Abby's new room.  It's adorable :)  Not pink, I let her pick from several fabrics that I had and she choose a sky blue with yellow daisies on it.  Very cute. 

Lee made it home from school a few minutes ago.  Greg is at basketball practice.  When he gets home we are having pancakes for supper.  Norman is working 16 hours today so he won't be home until around midnight. 

I'm looking forward to some knitting after supper tonight.  I'm working on a special surprise for a friend.  I'm always inspired when I am upstairs and see all the yarn that is there waiting for me - and a friend is donating some more to the cause on Wednesday!  Am I a lucky girl or what?????

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