Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Tale of Two Mornings

Yesterday morning dawned late.  It's not often that I sleep until 8 or that I sleep until Abby wakes up (unless she wakes up very early).  I did however on this day.  Abby, Norman and I all woke up within minutes of each other.  She is so sweet when she wakes up.  All warm and squishy and snuggly.  Abby gave out hugs and lovins. For a few minutes we could forget about the stress of selling a house and all the little jobs that needed done.  For a few minutes, all was perfect.

Four hours later brought the mail.....and the letter.  I should't say THE letter.  This is either the 3rd or 4th over the last 8 months.  Full of lies, accusations and manipulation.  I guess when you see a situation one way and refuse to see the truth you feel compeled to defend against that truth.  Maybe that is when you realize you are wrong.  I don't know.  This letter brought other things also.  Betrayal by a church friend.  Betrayal by a neighbor.  The realization that what I post to MY friends and family on facebook is being reported to others.  Hard stuff.  Finally, a declaration about a legal issue with our property that my husband later finds out is true.  Whether originally done on purpose or not, it is being used by those with the power to control. 

This morning dawns differently.  I awake at 6 a.m. unable to sleep.  I've cried all the tears I have in me so I cry out to God.  I am reminded that He is my defender and my strength.  Those who choose to not believe now will eventually be shown the truth.  I don't have to be right, I just have to cling to God and His Holy Truth.  Abby wakes up at 8 a.m. She's a little on edge, as are all the children.  It is hard for them to see their parents so upset about things that can't be fixed.  Norman is still sleeping.  Some would say it is laziness.  I know that depression is the cause.  God is the answer.  Today he seems far away.

I wonder if we will ever have another perfect morning?

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