Thursday, March 07, 2013

It's Spring! Let's Get Some Seed :)

Spring is almost here.  At least I hope so.

For us, spring means planting a veggie garden.  We have planted a garden for years.  We tried the Square Foot gardening method one year and I kinda liked how it worked out but my husband didn't so much so now we do the rows and such.  A typical garden.

I have a love of fancy tomatoes and rare peppers.  We live in po-dunk nowhere so we just get basic garden plants here.  I have tried for several years to start my own seedlings.  Some years it worked out ok, some years it was a complete failure.


This is the most fabulous little book that covers ALL the bases of starting your own seeds at home.  I got an in-depth education in potting soil, pots and lighting.  I learned all kinds of interesting information about how to get those little seedlings out of those pots and into the garden safely.  I am thoroughly impressed with how much information this book covers and how concisely it does it.  I wish that I had this book so many years ago, but I am very eager to try his advice out this spring.

This book is available on Amazon for the Kindle for $2.99

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