Friday, March 01, 2013


This week has had some firsts for me:

1st time I ever went to a yoga class.  It was GREAT fun.

1st time I ever had my eyebrows waxed (more to that later)

When I was a sweet little girl I had beautiful blonde hair.  The older I got the darker my hair got.  As a 35 year old mother of 4, it was more light brown than blonde.  On a generous day, my husband would call it dirty, dishwater blonde.  Hmmm.

I've been working on this whole lifestyle change lately.  Low, low carb diet, exercising a whole lot....I've been wearing makeup and trying to do my best to be around for another 35 years.  BUT I also realize that every day might be my last (not that I'm dying, but honestly, it could be) and I deserve to feel pretty. 

The other day I decided that I was going to try to dye my hair.  I say TRY because I've done this before.  First I tried to lighten my hair, but that didn't work.  Then maybe 7 years ago, I tried to dye it red (because I have some natural red highlights).  Didn't work.  I had decided that my hair won't hold color.  Now, I'm working on a NEW me so I decided to try a little darker.  The shade I choose was called light golden brown.  My wonderful husband was willing to be my colorist so yesterday we got down to business.

You can see the BEFORE up in my profile pic.

Here is the after:

It is darker than I thought it would be and RED :)  I love it.
Please ignore the kitchen mess.
I dyed my eyebrows to match my hair and now that they were darker they were very bushy.  So a friend at the local salon waxed them for me.  Cute, eh?

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Victoria said...

Good for you for trying new things! You look nice. :)