Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Baby this and Baby that.....

Ok. Who knew that having a baby would be so much fun??? Especially since I am ohhh.........about 6 weeks along. Have I mentioned that this might be a VERY long 9 months???

The boys have been working up names for the baby. My mother, ever helpful, suggested Dudley Doo Right (she has since PROMISED not to suggest any more goofy names - who knew they would take her seriously?). With DDR effectively cut from the list we moved on. At the top of Greg's list is Billy Bob. I will admit that we are rednecks.....but not that bad! He is absolutely convinced that Billy Bob is the perfect name. Also topping his list are Sponge Bob and Patrick. He might not get to vote when election time comes :)

Lee's suggestions are much more sensible. He writes down every. single. name. he sees. He already has 3 pages of names. I have known about this baby for almost a week.....they have known for maybe 5 days...............see what I mean???

The boys have taken to walking around talking to my stomach. Greg was playing peek-a-boo with the baby yesterday.

We are hoping for a girl. We will be ecstatic with whatever we get, but we are voting for a girl. We can't convince Greg to refer to the baby as a SHE. I am taking that as a very bad sign. Also, he keeps saying that the baby is going to come out with a "friend". Norman says "what do you mean with a friend???" and Greg says "you know dad, 2 babies". I thought Norman would just fall over.

Needless to say, life here at our house is silliness as usual. Hopefully baby will have a gigantic sense of humor and a courageous heart.....probably won't make it 3 days around here without it :)

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