Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

My crafting talents stop at knitting and sewing.  I can't draw, my color combinations aren't always "compatible" and I don't have a very creative mind.  That does not lend itself well to carving pumpkins.  My poor children.  Anyway, some years we paint the pumpkins.  Some years we carve.  This year was a carving year. 

Lee wished me to focus my picture taking on the pumpkins not him.  He learned to keep his head down :)

Greg is ready to go!

Daddy shows Bear what the task is.  I figured this would be the end of the pumpkin carving for the little ones, but both of them took to it well. 

Daddy helped Bear carve his pumkin (they used a template).

I would like to note that I cleaned out Abby's pumpkin and drew the design on hers - freehand.  Nobody took a picture of that.  LOL

There's Abby working on hers.  She loved the pumpkin goo.....we were putting it in a bucket (the older boys) and a wheelbarrow (the rest of us) and she spent considerable time moving the goo from bucket to little wheelbarrow to big wheelbarrow and back again.  She was covered in pumpkin.

Good job boys!

Moving goo.....

Greg used a very difficult carving template.

Lee chose to draw his freehand.  He carved out all the pieces so that light would shine around them.  We took a picture like that then he popped them all out.  (see below)

A girl and her dog.  Time to rest after moving goo.  Sadie just wanted away from the goo and back in the house.  She isn't very brave.

The finished jack-o-lanterns.  From left to right (Bear, Abby, Greg and Lee)

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