Friday, October 21, 2011

The "Get Dressed" Challenge

Hello!  It is a brisk fall morning here in south-central IL.  The day is progressing along nicely.  I even had time to read some blogs and found one I have never been to before.  Sarah Mae also blogs at Raising Homemakers so I've read her stuff before but had missed this challenge.  I love it!  As nice as it is to snuggle in some sweats (or better yet, pjs!) it is so much better on our self-esteem and the image we portray if we get dressed in the morning.  Yes, I may never leave the house today but why can't I look nice for my family?  Dirty chores to do?  That's why we have aprons ladies!!!!! 

Anyway, for those of you who know me in real life, you know I wear a lot of dresses, skirts, jumpers.  Not necessarily for any religious reason (although I do believe, no matter what we are wearing, we should strive to look "female") but because I love to look like a girl.  Even on the days you find me in yoga or track pants or shorts there will be no doubt in your mind that I am a woman :)  Twirly skirts, delicate underthings, beautiful falling hair....those things make me smile.  Life is too short to not smile!

I have no doubt that I will not post daily or even weekly about this topic.  Just isn't going to happen.  So when I remember I will share what I've been wearing lately and maybe I will have some pictures.  Maybe.  Here is this week - no pictures:

Sunday - Black twill skirt, red long sleeved t-shirt, orange and red plaid zip front jacket - in the morning I had on black tights and black mary janes, in the afternoon I had on socks and tennis shoes (I'm practical)

Monday - I don't have any idea.  I went to town.  I know I had a dress on.  At least I wasn't naked.....I hope.  - As I read through this again before posting I think I remember what I had on.....a green leafy long sleeved shirt over a black jumper.  I think that was it.  Don't remember what shoes, maybe socks and the slip on brown clogs, that would make sense, kinda.

Tuesday - pink long sleeved t-shirt and rose print flannel jumper I made several years ago

Wednesday - I yoga pants and a sweatshirt with holes in it - I threw the sweatshirt away after I took it off

Thursday - repeat of Sunday (I loved that outfit) with the tights and mary janes

Friday - TODAY - denim skirt, black tights, house slippers, white tank top, pink sweater - I'll be wearing the mary janes when we leave in a few mins. 

I may wear this skirt again tomorrow or I may wear the black one.....I tend to get in a rut.  I may throw on a hoodie over it as we will be at soccer games outside all day.  Probably tennis shoes.  Sunday is old fashioned Sunday at our church and our dresses are done.  I promise, promise, promise pictures next week!

Have a wonderful day and weekend ladies! (and gents if any read!)

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