Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Pictures

I've got tons of pictures on my phone that have been taken the last few days.  I have a weird phone.  It won't send the pictures straight to facebook for me.  Very frustrating!  Anyway, so I have to send them to my email, save them to the computer and then upload them to either here or facebook.  If I send them here I can journal along with it and then post this to facebook (in case some of you were wondering why the pictures weren't going straight to fb).

All that to get to the pictures.  LOL

This is Abby riding the "rocking horse" at the park in T-Town.  We were waiting for the games to start Saturday morning. 

These 2 pictures were taken on the trails at Ballard Nature Center.  We started off with the group (honest we did!) but then Bear and Abby ran ahead and rather than disrupt the group with 2 little ones my dear friend, Mary Lemay, and I just kept walking with the babies.  We let Bear choose which way to go when we would come to a fork in the road.  We went over a Troll Bride (paying the toll along the way) and then things went terribly wrong.  We had already been walking a considerable distance (for Abby a quarter mile is a considerable distance!) when Bear decides we will go down this Wetland Trail.  The sign says it is 1.4 miles.  I incorrectly assume that at some point we will find another fork in the road and we will meander our way back to the nature center.  I was wrong.  No more forks in the road.  We trudged along about halfway before the babies started to protest.  So Mary and I would carry them to the next curve or the next bench and then they would walk a bit more.  Suffice it to say that we were getting very tired, very quickly.  I sent Greg and Jeffrey (Mary's grandson) a text telling them to get the stroller and come meet us but I couldn't tell them really where we were.  So we continued on like that for what seemed like forever (but was really maybe an hour total walking time maybe an hour and a half).  Finally we reached a fork in the road and a sign.  I immediately sent the trail name to Greg and we continued walking.  By the time Greg and Jeffrey got the stroller and a map of the trails and found us we were almost back to the Nature Center.  I was never so happy to see a stroller in my life - there towards the end we were mainly just carrying babies and Abby had fallen asleep on my shoulder.  You can see how tired Bear and Abby were in that picture.  Poor little things probably though they would have to walk forever.  LOL

There's my babies!  Again at the park in T-Town before Saturday's soccer tournament.

About the tournament, we lost both games but played their hearts out.  We finished up the afternoon with lunch at McDonald's and a leisurely stroll through Walmart.  It was a wonderful day!

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Cindy said...

You've done well to go through ALL that to post your pics. I guess I'm just too lazy!